If you have made the decision to raise your own chickens, then you will need to find a portable chicken coop.  You can get this at local farm supply stores or you can get a variety of cute ones online with Amazon.

Perfect For the Backyard Chicken Coop

They are usually purchased in kits, and can be taken down just as easily as put together. This is great if you plan on moving, or wish to move it to a different part of your yard, or at least would like the option to move it.

So, really consider portability for your yard. If you have never raised chickens before, then starting off small is a excellent idea. Not as big a deal to take down, compared to a permanent structure, which could also require a permit.

You can make your own from a set of plans and save yourself some money. But if you are not handy, then purchasing one would be your best bet.

It will come with a set of instructions and all the materials you need to put it together. There are a few deciding factors when building a place, and they are:

Do you have the room?

Check out the area you are wanting to put your coop in, will there be enough space for the chickens?

They need to get out and run a bit in a secure area, so you need to measure the area you intend on putting your structure. You can get them in different sizes. Some for 3 - 5 hens, others for much larger. So, keep in mind your neighbors too. You don't want the chickens right against the fence between you and your neighbors.


Do, you have a backyard that is fenced in? Do coyotes or foxes visit your backyard at all? You need one that is secure at night, and that your hens can feel safe in. It doesn't hurt to put a small wire fence around it to deter some night time critters.


This is why it is actually better to purchase a new kit, because if you are not that familiar with a raising chickens, you need to realize that ventilation is a big key factor, or carbon dioxide can build up in their home, and this will be bad for the health of your chickens and you may not get the eggs you were hoping for.

So, if you are not familiar with raising chickens, then purchase a kit. These kits will take in the ventilation issue and have been designed by experts in the field.

That being said, where exactly do you find a portable chicken coop for sale? Here are a few great online places:


Do a search with Amazon and you will see a few come up, along with books on the subject. You can never have too many "how to" books on raising chickens. Purchase these with your kit, so you can get familiar.

Looking for Guidance On How to Raise Chickens?

How To Raise Chickens: Everything You Need To Know
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(price as of Sep 15, 2018)
This is a hands on easy to follow book on raising chickens in your own backyard.


This is a great local online want ads with many things for sale including chicken coops for sale. Just type in the keyword and you should find something.

USfree ads.

This is another online ad site, for buying and selling. You may find something local through this site as well.

It is probably better to find a new kit if you can, unless you are in possession of a truck, it can be hard to get home a previously owned one. Many of them are not portable, and taking them apart can damage them, so they may need to be brought home on a truck bed.

The bonus to this type of purchase, if you can manage the transport, is it is already built. Save you a weekend of trying to build one yourself.

But not everyone has that kind of transport, and if you have to pay someone to move a used one, then the savings may have just gone out the window. So, if you have a pick up truck, you can consider, "used" chicken coop for sale, and save some money, but otherwise, a new kit is a little easier to deal with.

 Local Farmer Co-Op

The above sites are a great place to start, especially if you are comparing costs and size etc. But if you prefer to shop in person some where, then you can check your local co-op farm supply store.

If you can find a farm supply store in your area, you are bound to not only get a portable chicken coop, but lots of good advice, such as bedding materials, and where to get the chickens!

Happy hunting, and enjoy your fresh eggs!.

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