One excellent idea for adding extra clothing storage to your home is to buy a portable closet on wheels and place it in a spare room of the house where houseguests typically stay.  Many older homes have a big lacking for storage space as square footage was much smaller for older homes when they were built.  Because of this closets were smaller and many hallways simply didn’t have closets at all.  Even some newer homes which were built with more ample storage space may still be lacking in certain situations.  If you are a home owner or renter who has a lot of stuff to store you may want to consider getting one of these very affordable items.

Types Of Portable Garment Closets

Portable Garment Rack With CoverFirst of all a portable garment rack or storage closet is not all that expensive.  Most portable racks are simply rolling clothes racks with a canvas cover attached to it.  The canvas cover typically is molded and shaped to resemble a case in the shape of a wardrobe and some higher end models are actually more robust and can hold some weight too.

Another main type of portable closet is an actual hard cased closet on wheels.  Many rolling wardrobes are made from canvas on metal frames but there are some wooden wardrobe’s built with wheels to allow for easy maneuvering.  These types of portable closets are obviously not as easily moved long distances as those portable clothing racks which can break down and be placed in a car for travel but they can be excellent semi-long term additions to any spare bedroom.

The Cost Of Portable Closets

The cost of a portable closet is of course going to vary on the type of closet and the quality.  The semi-portable closest made from wood or other more robust materials are obviously going to cost more however they will be much harder to find and to move around.  If you are looking for something that can be moved but is more of a fixture in a home these types of closets or wardrobes are probably right for you and your family.

Conversely the cost of portable clothing racks paired with garment covers will be far less expensive.  Some fancy versions of this can get a little pricier as they can get a bit fancy.  Instead of just offering a hanging rack for clothes a larger and fancier portable closet may also include drawers and shelves.  You may even be able to find a portable wardrobe with shoe pockets which can make your extra clothing storage unit even more versatile.

If you need to buy a portable wardrobe on wheels your best bet to find good prices and more variety is to do your shopping online.  Many traditional retailers don’t have a high demand for these types of items so finding them in stores can be difficult, especially if you want options to choose from.  Amazon, however has a large selection of items which may be perfect for your needs.  Some very popular portable closets include those manufactured by Organize It All and Rubbermaid.  Make sure to keep size in mind while shopping too.  The best portable closets will be a full five feet or more tall.  The smaller units may work but won’t provide nearly as much storage space as a regular closet or wardrobe.