Sometimes you just need extra cup holders for cars. 

Picture this, you are heading out on that road trip, and of course there will be the usual pit stops and drink stops and food stops, but many times those drinks are going to come along for the ride on that road trip.

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The front seat is usually well equipped for these trips, with everything the driver and passenger needs when it comes to cup holders for cars and everything else they need up front.

But the back seat area don’t always get that kind of convenience and comfort.  If there are any  in the car, they are usually not that convenient, such as between the front seats closer to the front section, or maybe that flimsy one that comes with the ashtray.

Depending on the make of your car, you may find that if you are on road trips that involve passengers, especially kids, you are going to need something a little more secure for cups and cans.

You can get portable cup holders for cars that can be secured just about anywhere.  If your model of car has an arm rest that can be pulled down between the back seats, then this can be secured to that arm rest, giving your passengers a place to put their coffee or soft drink or water bottle.

It can also be secured to the floor if that works best, or even on the seat itself.  These portable holders for cars are a great way to add extra space for drinks on the go.

If you are planning a long road trip with passengers in the back, then you need to actually sit in the back of your car or get someone else to drive so you can take a trial run at seeing just what is available for the back seat crew.  Pretend you have a coffee cup and figure out where you would put it.

 If your car is totally equipped then that is great you won’t need extra spots.  But if not, if your car is one of those cars where most of the conveniences are in the front seat, then consider getting portable holders for cars, and figure out where the best place to put it would be.

Unless you want them to hold on to their coffee cups for the entire time it takes to drink them (not a good idea while on the road) then you should sit in the back and figure out just where everything can go, or you will be making a lot more pit stops than you planned.

If there is just no extra room in your car for a portable cup holder that can secure to an arm rest or the floor, then consider getting one that actually hooks onto the car door.  The only problem with that style, is that the passenger needs to take the cup out before he slams the door shut in case of spillage.

There are many styles you can get that will work, just make sure and get something for those cups, if you are planning a long trip with back seat passengers.