Two for One

Purchasing a portable DVD player so you can take your entertainment wherever you go is a must for many people. Still though, unless you have a carrying case or a headrest, you're limited to what you can do. Instead of storing it with the rest of the luggage or, worse yet, carrying the device itself, having a dedicated bag for your portable DVD player will keep it protected from drops or spills, keep it clean from smudges, and will also double as headrest mounts for backseat passengers to enjoy. Of course even though it says "DVD case" you're not limited to portable DVD players. You can carry your Blu-ray players, laptops, notebooks, and portable iPod players with you on trips. Here are a few headrest cases that are low-priced and highly reviewed by Amazon customers.

travel caseCredit: amazon

Car DVD Player case

One of the highest rated DVD player cases comes from Accessory Power. Their In-Car Notebook/DVD Player Travel Case will support laptops, portable DVD players and netbooks of up to 10.2 inches. You'll be able to store your DVD movies and CDs (no cases needed), AC adapters, batteries and headphones to keep everything organized and together. And as mentioned before, this case doubles as a portable DVD headrest mount that allows you to keep backseat riders entertained as well. Just mount it up between the two front seats allowing everyone in the back to have a nice view of the movie being played. It's affordable, durable and roomy enough for whatever peripheral material you might have.

The PDVK-9

Case logic is a company dedicated to providing cases for laptops, cameras, DVD/CDs and of course portable devices among other things. Their PDVK-9 will carry your 7 to 9 inch portable DVD players handbag style in a padded case. They have so much faith in this product they offer a 25 year warranty - long after your DVD player becomes out-of-date. The material is nylon and is a little over a pound making it an easy case to carry around for children. Again, this can function as a headrest mount as well making it a multi-purpose bag. One warning though, if you happen to have a lot of discs, you won't have too much extra room for many DVDs. If you haven't already, it might be best to purchase a portable DVD player with a USB port. Although, you will be able to keep cables and remote controls in it - pretty much every accessory that comes with a portable DVD player, so it's not a deal-breaker.

The PDVS-4

Another one from Case Logic is the PDVS-4. This is a miniature bag that'll carry 5-7 inch portable DVD players. Most kids DVD players are 7 inches and will fit nicely in this, and like the others, it will mount up in between the two passenger seats for easy viewing. Even if you don't have headrests, the straps can still be wrapped around the seats for secure in-car entertainment support. Great if your child doesn't want the device sitting on his/her lap on an extended trip. The material is polyester and is sturdy so will last for years to come. This is the cheapest of all three yet still has many positive reviews. Though some were concerned about the velcro not holding the DVD player adequately when serving as a headrest, also other felt it didn't have enough padding. Even so, thanks to a 25 year warranty, Case Logic is betting that your child's portable DVD player will be kept safe long after she's moved out of the house.

The DVP-FX730 Case

Sony has a cheap pink portable DVD player case for their DVP-FX730 with an accompanying "Determination" hand strap. This stylish case is made out of nylon, has pockets on the outside, has a soft gray interior and is lightweight making it easy for a child to carry. It'll hold memory cards as well as other accessories ensuring everything is organized.

Cases for All

Keeping your car DVD players safe and clean is a must if you enjoy your entertainment away from home. Giving one of these to a child instills responsibility and teaches her how to use electronics. The last thing you want on a long trip with a van full of kids is a broken DVD player and nothing to do. Of course, the cheaper cases might not be as durable or have enough storage room as the more expensive ones, but they can be surprisingly sturdy and still last a long time.