Philips offers a wide range of affordable consumer electronics that are constructed out of quality material so to provide better value to the customer. They have a selection of portable DVD and Blu-ray players for those who enjoy taking their entertainment along with them in a compact and easy to use way. No one wants to take a long trip with nothing to do, especially if you have kids. So if you're in the market for a portable DVD player, here are a few from Philips that other customers seem to love.

philips portable dvd playerCredit: amazon

Philips PD9000/37

The PD9000/37 is a 9 inch TFT LCD portable DVD player boasting a rechargeable 5 hour battery life and will play most of your DVD and CD formats. It only weighs about 3 pounds so it's easy to carry for kids and adults alike, it's also compatible with Divx so you can enjoy your downloaded movies, and of course it has favorable reviews from Amazon customers. It has a nice black and white design for those who want to look good while being entertained.

Philips PB9001

The PB9001 is a portable Blu-ray player that'll play your DVD and CD discs but also allows you to connect to the internet for interactive online BD-Live content. It has a sleek silver and black design that gives you full HD image resolution at 1080p and is also a Divx Plus HD Certified device. This is definitely the next level in mobile entertainment. If you still have a large DVD library and are trying to make the transition to Blu-ray, this device makes a great intermediate portable DVD player as it will upscale DVD movies. Another added feature is the USB port and the ability to resume where you left off if you cut the power out during a movie. 

Philips DCP851

Enjoy music with your DVD player? The Philips DCP851 has an iPod dock for owners of the beloved device. Be able to charge and play it while away from home and have the wealth of content on your iPod available to view on the larger 8.5 inch screen. This DVD player comes in tablet form making it easy to carry around and is light at only 3 pounds. The rechargeable battery will give you up to 2 and a half hours of entertainment, but included is an A/C adapter for continued use. Philips stand by their products by offering warranties in case something should happen. This device has a 1 year warranty ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

About Philips

So whether you're making a transition from DVD to Blu-ray, need a place to dock an iPod or just want a simple DVD player you can take with you, these products should handle the job. Philips is based in the Netherlands offers products to people across the globe. They've made a number of innovations included the invention of the compact cassette in 1962 and are among the top electronics companies people buy from. If you need more information about Philips you can always visit their website and view the wealth of products and news releases posted.