The Benefits

Portable DVD players with TV tuners are great for those on the road a lot and want to stay entertained no matter where they are. If you've watched all the DVDs you've brought along, you could just switch it over to TV mode and watch some of the local stations like news reports or a local game being played. You could pick up some national network stations and watch your favorite sitcom or a reality TV show (anything but the Real World). All that's required, of course, is good reception and a nice place to relax. But when you go to buy one, you don't want to inadvertently purchase a product that isn't worth the money you're spending - or in other words a defect. Most people want products that are cheap, yet are dependable (which in some ways are more valuable the higher-end products because even larger brands have defects!). Players that'll last and provide quality entertainment on a beach, a tailgating party or just in the backyard enjoying the sunlight without missing who got cut on American Idol earn their value over time. Here are a few choices that customers seem to like as well as being affordable.
Portable DVD Player with TVCredit: Stock Photos from 123RF

Envizen Quartet

You may not of heard of an Envizen Quartet 9, that's because it's manufactured from a smaller company which, depending on the company, can be good or bad. Smaller companies often use cheap material to compete with the larger brands, but sometimes quality is sacrificed resulting in widespread defective products being distributed. In this case, according to mostly positive reviews on Amazon, that isn't the case. Of course, if you happened to receive a defective product, Amazon has a SquareTrade warranty program that'll cover your item for two to four years, no need to pay for repairs or labor if the item you receive isn't working as it should. And you get a complete refund if things don't work out the way you wanted. Of course, it'll cost a little bit extra to enroll in the program, but you'll find the Envizen Quartet and SquareTrade is still cheaper than a just released portable DVD player with TV from one of the larger companies, so it's really not a bad deal. The Envizen Quartet has 9-inch screen, a memory slot so you can avoid carrying a bunch of discs to watch home movies on, just load 'em on a memory card with photos and music and you're good to go. It's a great buy if you simply want something cheap, but with a good insurance policy.


A portable DVD player with TV from Philips has a lot of good reviews from Amazon. The Philips PET729/37 will play multiple DVD formats, as well as digital television for up to 3 hours. Even though Philips is sort of a larger company, the prices have been marked-down so now a portable DVD player with TV that was close to 200 can be found for a little over a hundred dollars. Not only are you getting a cheap product, it's been manufactured by a larger company meaning quality construction material and so the consumer is less likely to receive a defective item. It has a nice black and white design, it's compact at 7-inches, and comes with a remote control. A more recent version of that item is the Philips PET749/37. They've added a swivel screen and changed it to a silver/black design. With it's built-in HDTV turner, you'll be able to view channels with good image quality, and if you don't like the antenna that comes with, you can always detach it for another. This would be good for an extra kitchen TV or a birthday gift for a child. They'll be able to watch a SpongeBob marathon on the way to Disney World with the DC adapter that's included.

Be Prepared

There are various kinds of portable DVD players out there. Some have USB ports, others can be installed in vehicles, and still others include controllers you can play video games with. You could even find one modeled after a favorite cartoon characters (SpongeBob). But if you've watched all the DVDs you own, there's really nothing else to do but watch it again. And that's what makes a cheap portable DVD player with TV a convenient piece of hardware to own. Also, if a storm hits and all the power is out, it'd be a useful tool to stay updated on the current weather since it runs on batteries. A good product for those who want to be prepared.