Entertainment On The Go

Portable DVD Systems allow you to take your entertainment with you while on the road. There are many standalone portable DVD players out on the market, but they can be limited in entertainment value. You may not get the sound you want from the built-in speakers, or it may not have all the accessories you need. Portable DVD systems are an all-in-one package that can be a bit less expensive than buying items separateportable dvd systemCredit: amazonly. Let's take a look at a few.

Magnasonic MAG-MMD1040

The Magnasonic MAG-MMD1040 is a nice little entertainment system that'll suit a child's room or a small apartment. It comes with two speakers and a 7 inch LCD screen that'll play your DVD movies, CDs and MP3 songs. The screen slides up and reveals an area you insert the disc in. If you happen to live on a small boat this would serve as an all-in-one entertainment system since it also has AM/FM digital radio tuner and has an auxiliary input for an iPod or an MP3 player. Also, if you happen to have a TV minus the DVD player the MAG-MMD1040 can be connected so you can watch your movies on the larger screen.

Sony Portable DVD System MV65ST

The MV65ST can be taken with you on a road trip to either give the kids something to watch or entertain yourself if at a remote location. It has a 6.5 inch LCD widescreen and can be mounted in a vehicle for quality in-car entertainment. The screen itself can flip to further improve viewing experience and it has an FM transmitter that allows you to use the car speakers for audio. Hook up a game console, a camcorder and more to add a bit more versatility for you on-the-road entertainment. And let's not forget some of the extra accessories. You get a remote control, a carrying case, an FM transmitter antenna, and mounting straps for your car. And in addition to DVD movies, this device will play any CD disc as well as MP3s.

Audiovox D1809PK 8-inch Portable DVD Player

Audiovox is a well-known consumer electronics company and they have a nice little entertainment system that is probably the most portable out of all the ones listed here. The D1809PK portable DVD player comes in laptop style and boasts an 8 inch screen with 16:9 aspect ratio for nice widescreen viewing. Included are two headphones, a remote control and a carry case/headrest mount. It features a rechargeable battery and a car power adapter. Reviewers note on earlier models that this product is great for kids on trips to grandma's house or at home with the babysitter. Most reviewers for this model praise the durability and all the accessories you get with it. It's lightweight at only 3.3 pounds and the credit card size remote is easy to use and child friendly.

A Step Above

Portable DVD systems are basically one step above portable DVD players as they can come in packages and will offer a bit more entertainment value. So whether you want something portable yet with all the accessories, or you simply need an entertainment system on a small boat in the marina, these items should suffice. You shouldn't have any issues price-wise as they're very affordable. As always the case when buying consumer electronics, be sure to check for customer reviews as they can highlight some issues that may develop with any of the products listed above.