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If you are not in a rush to purchase a portable ebook reader but want the luxury of purchasing books online and reading them on your computer, you can do that very easily by downloading portable ebook reader software onto your computer for free. Here are some of the different types of software that you can download:

Amazon's Kindle for PC or MAC

Amazon has an ebook store called the Kindle store. If you go to the Amazon website, you can click on "Kindle" on the menu on the left hand side and then on "Free Kindle Reading Apps" in the Kindle menu. A new screen will pop up allowing you to choose the device that you want the software to download onto. You can click on "iphone", "Windows PC", "Mac", "Blackberry", "iPad", "Android" or "Windows Phone 7" depending on how you want to read your books. Click on "Download Now" to download the Kindle application for free. Once you have downloaded and run the Kindle application software, you can go to the Kindle store on Amazon and purchase e-books. Amazon also has a huge selection of free ebooks for their portable ebook reader that you can download onto your laptop and read using the Kindle software.

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Sony's Ebook Reader Software

To download Sony's portable ebook reader software onto your computer, go to Sony's Reader Store and click on "Free Download" under Reader Library Software for PC. Once you have downloaded the software you can purchase ebooks from the Sony store and read them on your laptop. You can also download free public domain books from sites such as manybooks.net and read them on your portable ebook reader software.

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Kobo Desktop App

Kobo's portable ebook reader desktop application can be downloaded for free at the Kobo Books website. Click on "Download App" to download the version for a Windows PC. You can also choose the version for Apple's Mac computers. Kobo supports ePubs and PDFs like most ebook readers.

Stanza Portable Ebook Reader App for Iphone, Ipad and Itouch

If you are specifically interested in downloading free portable ebook reader software for your iphone, ipad or itouch, you can download the Stanza software. This device allows you to read ebooks and documents on Apple's portable devices. You can purchase books from a built in Lexcycle online catalog.

It can be difficult to decide between all the different portable ebook reader software options available when you are first starting out with ebooks. You may choose to download a couple of different types of ebook reader software and then play with the different viewers. You can also look at the different ebook stores that each reader is linked with to determine the one that you will use the most. The good news is that you can have multiple types of portable ebook reader software on one computer and use one or all of them depending on your needs.

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