A portable exercise bike can be your best friend and also your worst enemy. Why a worst enemy? Because it prevents you from coming up with excuses not to exercise! The benefits of a portable exercise bike mean it is truly friendly to both you and your pocketbook. In this hectic world it is often difficult to find the time to exercise and those looking to increase their fitness levels need to use every available opportunity to burn calories and strengthen their muscles. At home or on the road, a mini cycle may just be the thing to keep you motivated and help you squeeze in short workouts when a full workout is just not possible. Don't spend anymore time making excuses to yourself or others about not exercising. The portable exercise bike can be in your home and available for you to use any time you have just a few minutes to spare.

Why Choose a Portable Exercise Bike?

Portable Stationary Bike

There are numerous reasons that a person chooses a scaled down exercise bike. The key benefits include cost savings, convenience, space savings and health. The cost of a mini stationary bike is far less than a full size stationary bike. The portable exerciser's price starts at around $20 and go up from there depending on features. This is a far cry from the hundreds of dollars that people can expect to spend for a full size bike. For many people the cost of buying a portable workout bike is the same as a one or two month membership in a local gym. Given the amount of users that cannot commit to using a full size bike consistently, it is money well spent.

The convenience of owning your own exercise equipment means no more juggling the gym into your already busy schedule. Family and household duties vie for time and many people join a gym with the best of intentions but then struggle to find the time to actually show up and exercise. A portable exercise bike can be just one of a number of home workout devices that can be purchased inexpensively and stored easily. There is always time to be made to exercise if you just commit to doing it. This unit can be situated in front of a couch or chair and pedaled while you watch television or surf the internet. A long-winded conversation with a family member is a perfect time to pedal, too. Work out the frustrations on the machine and not on the other person! If plans get unexpectedly cancelled there is no need to worry about hustling off to the gym. Just use this free time to get in some quality minutes pedaling on your exercise bike. These small bikes are so lightweight and portable that they are easily carried in a trunk for exercise on the go. This is especially great for people who travel for work. A week in bad hotels eating junk food can ruin any diet and exercise regimen. Keep this bike handy and enjoy the feeling of staying fit while away from home.

Not everyone has a large dedicated space to store a full size exercise bike. For those with large families or living in small urban apartments, the portable exercise bike makes perfect sense. It can be easily stowed in a cabinet or closet and, in many cases, under a bed. No one likes staring at bulky pieces of exercise gear around the house. The mini cycle is easy to stow away when not being used. It is there when you need it, but you will never have to work around it or trip over it. The size and storage ability also means it can be used in many different areas of the house. On sunny days, take it outside and pedal away while reading. Use it in the garage or bedroom. Family members can share and take the mini cycle to where it is most needed. Try doing that with a full size bike. The cost and storage means that many households will purchase more than one. This is a great way to encourage the entire family to get fit and workout together.

The health benefits are very important. The nice thing about a compact exercise bike is it can be peddled and help the legs, but it can also help the upper body, too. Most of these units are easily placed on a table or countertop and can be powered by hand. This spinning action will workout those biceps and triceps. Any piece of exercise equipment that can target several muscle groups is far more beneficial to your fitness plan. Using it for both the arms and the legs will also break up the monotony of always peddling on the floor. Any exercise is good exercise. Even if you can sneak it a few minutes of peddling only during the commercials of your favorite prime time show – it is better than not doing anything! Once you develop the habit of exercising it may encourage you to invest more time and money into other pieces of exercise gear.

A portable exercise bike is a handy piece of workout equipment to keep around the house. Many of the models boast similar features to full-size models. There are compact exercise bikes with variable resistance that can increase your workout as you gain power and stamina. Many have straps to keep you firmly locked into the pedals. Non skid feet and gauges to show calories burned, miles per hour or distance can be found on some of the more advanced models. A portable exercise bike is well worth the investment. They can be purchased online at Amazon or found in local stores that specialize in exercise equipment. If you are thinking seriously this year about committing to losing weight and increasing the amount of time you spend exercising than think about purchasing a portable exercise bike. It may just be the one thing that gets you started down the pathway to a fit future. The key is to just stick with it!