Portable fireplaces, a way to carry around comfort:

Portable fireplaces are a solution for people who have a little space for a fireplace. These days having a fireplace is not a big problem as you can get them in different sizes and suitable for both your room and your budget.

The greatest advantage of portable fireplaces is it takes only minutes to set them up. It is ideal as it can be carried and installed wherever you want. In the sense, you can enjoy the warmth of a fire from any room of your house without bothering about the expenditure incurred in building a traditional fireplace. These portable fireplaces also turn out to be a real blessing especially for those living in apartments or in houses without chimneys.

How do portable fireplaces work?
Mostly these fireplaces works with a gel type fuel which gives out no smoke, no ash and certainly no harmful fumes. The gel is nothing but a jellied alcohol which is used as a smokeless and fragrance free fuel found in small canisters. However, each canister can work for only two to three hours. The most attractive aspect of this fireplace is that it needs only minimum maintenance and gives a stylish touch to the room and above all you need not take any pains to install it. Since it is operated using electricity or gas, you are free to use it anywhere, even in a place where there are no chimneys or logs for burning.

Types of portable fireplaces
These portable fireplaces are made in different models and with different features like designer columns, shelf storage, hidden storage areas and a pull screen. Being made of wood, it has also arches and hand painted logos on it. You also have portable electric fireplace made of light weight metal sheet. One of the major advantages here is that it can be easily carried from place to place by dismantling the parts. Another type is the portable propane fireplace is used mostly in camping sites. It is smaller in size than a camp fire and does not give out any smoke.

Similarly you have Gel fuel fireplaces which are again portable without emitting smoke. Since it is completely safe you can use it in all types of places like homes, apartments, condos, office and in much more places.

Definitely, portable fireplaces with so many attractive designs bring a touch of elegance to any room. Most of the smaller apartments and homes in towns and condos don't provide you with a fireplace. It is here these fireplaces come handy. As it is simple to set it up, it is easily carried from each room and saves you money as well. The various styles and colors give you a chance to choose according to your tastes. Its small size and weight is a blessing especially for singles, couples and small families, who don't enjoy the comfort of living in a larger apartment, yet want to make their place of living a cozier place. And most importantly it is also a great source way to supplement heat during winter.

Checking online for different kinds of portable fireplaces makes a lot of monetary sense.
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