So, you have just moved into your rental house, and it comes with a garage, which you have been dying to use. But it has nothing in it. The landlord doesn't want you messing with the walls too much, but you really could use a garage work bench. You can buy large sized and permanent ones that basically stay with the place, but this may not be a cost you want to deal with right now.  

Plus you do not want to be attaching things to walls or anchoring to the floor either. 

If you want to have one, then you need to make a couple of decisions first. Do you need this work surface for working on cars? Are you going to be putting heavy items on it? If so, then those portable drink tables are not going to do it!

Once you have decided, you can purchase solid wood work table kits, at home improvement stores. These are a great way to go if you are looking for something permanent and large. But if you are renting your space, then going more for a portable bench may be the better way. You can have the sturdiness of a wood one but still be able to move it.

A good sturdy solid wood work surface is not a bad thing for a rental hgarage work benchouse, especially if you work on hobbies, but when the day comes you are going to move out, you are going to have to be able to move this bench. You may not be thinking of that day, when you are putting together the kit. It looks smaller in the kit! So, keep this in mind if you go the direction of a large solid wood one.

 Going for a portable one, can work well too. You can move the bench to wear your projects are, they are specially designed as a work surface and can take some weight. Plus at the end of the lease, or if when you go to move out, you can take your bench with you. They just fold up. 


Pedro's Portable Work Bench
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(price as of Oct 10, 2015)
This is perfect for rental spaces as it is sturdy enough for heavy hobbies yet can fold up and move away.

Rather than just shoving an old kitchen table in the garage (don't laugh I see this all the time), treat yourself to a well built one. You can get those workmate style ones, which are great for holding a large saw or cutting wood, but what if you want more of a table setup, for taking things apart?.

Something that you can do your hobbies at, or work on small parts for your car, or even heavier than that. You need a heavy duty work surface that will take the beating of whatever your hobbies are.

So, yes a workmate style one works well for gripping wood for cutting, and holding a vice etc, but when you need a sturdy table surface, you should check out the various types online.

Amazon sells portable work surfaces, that are tough. Yet will just fold up when it is time to move them to another area of the house for doing work, or if you need to move. You could get a few of these and setup shop, that can easily be taken down when you move. These are great for hobbies, and rental houses too.

You can also set up really cool man caves!