I couldn't resist!

My local store had one of those very inexpensive portable greenhouses on sale, and I succumbed to temptation and bought one. After I had so much success with it, I decided to read reviews online, and discovered that many people had unrealistic expectations, or didn't know how to use them properly. So if you're thinking of investing in one of these, here's what you should know about your investment.

What This Is Not

This product is not intended to be a replacement for a permanent structure.

  • This is a lightweight (not to say flimsy) greenhouse and should be treated accordingly.
  • The structure will blow over in a moderate breeze if freestanding or not weighted down.
  • The cover will probably deteriorate if left in direct sun.
  • The zippers are likely to break if handled roughly.
Portable Greenhouse
Credit: Copyright 2016 by classicalgeek

Note that I have this standing against a wall, and weighted down with heavy, large clay pots on the bottom shelf.

What This Is

  • Handy for storing gardening supplies neatly and in one place, especially if you live in an apartment with limited storage space for gardening.
  • Good for protecting container plants from wind, hail, light frost, and other undesirable weather conditions.
  • Good for protecting your container plants from slugs if you put the plants on the top shelf. Slugs are active mostly at night, so put them in the greenhouse before you go to bed and take them out in the morning.
  • Good for starting plants indoors or a few weeks early.
  • Good for growing plants that require high humidity.
4 Shelf Mini-Greenhouse With Cover by Trademark Innovations
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(price as of Jan 19, 2017)

Desirable Modifications

You may want to dress up your portable greenhouse with a few extra modifications that will make it even more functional:

  • Add a light or a grow light: You can easily put a clip light with a LED grow light attached to the frame of your structure. It will use only a few watts of energy and provide your plants with extra light.
  • Make the shelves a bit more stable: fasten the shelves to the supports with zip ties.
  • Add heat with an electric blanket, or even a pot of hot water on the bottom shelf.