Purchasing portable heaters for large rooms can save you a lot of money on heating. Portable heaters come in handy for large rooms like basements, garages, back porches, bedrooms, or even for living rooms. When purchasing portable heaters, the most important thing to look for are the ones with safety features. Any heater that you're thinking about buying, come with potential fire hazards, and should be used with caution. You always want to buy the newest portable space heater that's out on the market. Updated portable electric heaters with the latest features to provide a very safe, yet warm room in your home. Portable heaters are highly recommended, because they can help you save money even. If you don't get good heating circulation, or your house isn't properly insulated, then using portable heaters and turning down your home's heat setting can save money on gas. Down below are some of the portable heaters for large rooms to purchase online.

Gas or Electric Portable Heaters for Large Rooms

There are quite a few different portable room heaters to consider purchasing. You can choose between gas or electric portable heaters. Both have advantages and disadvantages. If there's a power outage, gas portable heaters will still operate unlike electric obviously. However, electric portable heaters are by far much safer than gas. If you're looking for a portable heater for large rooms indoors, then most people purchase electric. It's more convenient, and no installation is needed. If you're one who smokes, particularly in the room where you plan to set up your portable space heater, then I'd definitely go with electric. An electric heater doesn't require ventilation as well. They're much easier to operate, but you can't go wrong with either for large rooms.

Gas electric portable heaters are cheaper and save you money in the long run. You don't have to pay for electricity, and running an electric portable heater can be expensive on your electricity bill. If you need a portable heater for your garage, then I would consider gas. Unvented gas heaters aren't recommended, especially outdoors for pets. A lot of harmful gases are used, like carbon monoxide, which is a known toxic. The most popular outdoor gas heaters like propane heaters or kerosene ones for garages are highly recommended.

Which Portable Heaters are Best for Large Rooms

The very best electric portable heaters is the convection heater. They are much better than radiant  when it comes to heating a large room. These are the best portable space heaters out on the market. Fan convection heaters are better than non-fan convection heaters when it comes to quick heating that spreads throughout the entire room. Radiant heaters are just portable heaters that are useful for maybe a few people, and only supplies enough heat if you're practically sitting, laying, or sleeping right in front of it. Look for fan convection heaters if you're trying to heat a large room indoors. Other important things to look for in portable heaters are safety features. You want a thermostat that's reliable, along with one that's programmable. If the heater starts to overheat, you want the the safety features to be able to shut it off. Safety features are just as important, since portable space heaters are very dangerous. Always keep them away from moisture, and they shouldn't be operating near any other electrical equipment.

Which Portable Heaters for Large Rooms to Buy

Soleus Air Hm1-10-32 Micathermic Panel Heater with Dial Control - The Solues convection space heater is one of the most popular electric portable heaters to purchase for large rooms out on the market. It's safe, efficient, and highly reliable in providing a good source of heat for large areas indoors. 80% of convection heat is used, with 20% of radiant heat. An Economic Energy Saving Mode is featured for shutting off the heater one third of the way when it reaches maximum temperatures. An automatic shut-off is featured if overheating happens. It's flame resistant as well. They aren't very expensive portable heaters for large rooms. You can purchase online at places like buy.com, the home depots, and meijer for around $50 dollars.


Soleus Air Hm1-10-32 Micathermic Panel Heater with Dial Control

Soleus Air HM1-10-32 Ultra Thin Micathermic Heater, Black
Amazon Price: $64.99 $50.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 21, 2013)

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater - This might be the very best portable space heater for large rooms out on the market. Consumer report has it rated as the best one out on the market. It's a convection electric heater. Features include a digital thermostat, timer, 1500W, 900W, Auto, and two quiet comfort settings. These are cheap, affordable, safe, and easy portable heaters for home use. You can use for pets, bedrooms, basements, garages, it works anywhere. It's quiet and customers are extremely satisfied with its low price, but high quality. You can buy online for prices around $40 dollars at amazon and home depot.

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater with Digital Display and Remote Control
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(price as of Jul 21, 2013)

Delonghi Mica Panel HHP 1500 - The Delonghi has been rated the most quiet convection electric heater out on the market. It's convenient in that it won't disturb you if you're using this heater in your bedroom while you sleep. You can also hang on the wall for better heating circulation throughout the room. It's definitely one of the better electric heaters for large rooms. There are plenty of safety features that prevents over heating, and it controls temperatures on the thermostat. It's one of the most highly rated portable heaters for large rooms out on the market. It's a little more expensive, but prices should still keep you under a hundred dollars. You can get a good deal online at sears, ebay, and compact appliance.

DeLonghi Mica Panel Heater

DeLonghi Mica Panel Heater
Amazon Price: $89.99 $59.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 21, 2013)