If you love to make everything from scratch then you will enjoy this portable ice cream freezer!

Many people (including myself) have purchased over the years, those plastic makers, with all those little parts where you have to put the parts in a regular freezer for 24 hours, and totally preplan your dessert!  This was a lot of work, and it didn’t always turn out right, sometimes it would be softer than it should be.

The beauty of this design is that it is totally independent.  There is no need for a regular freezer and there is no need to preplan your dessert making.  As long as you have about 60 minutes then you will have perfect natural creamy tasting and ready for dessert.

This is the ultimate.  By getting a machine such as this Cuisinart Supreme Ice Cream Maker, you take away a lot of the fuss that was involved with making specialty frozePortable Ice Cream FreezerCredit: Amazonn desserts.

With this setup, you don’t have to pre-freeze anything, you simply plug it in, and it has its own small freezer compressor to keep your ingredients at the right temperature as it churns them on a timer.

Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Ice Cream Maker

It makes one and a half quarts of frozen yogurt, or ice cream or the healthier sorbet.  You simply add the ingredients, without mess, and then set the timer for 60 minutes or whatever is required for your specific recipe. 

That is it, no fuss no mess.  It does all the freezing, and the end result tastes as good if not better than some of those expensive premium store bought ones and frozen yogurts.

By adding you own natural ingredients you totally control what is in it.  No more worrying about that list of ingredients on some of the store bought packages.

You can get many recipe books for making your own.  It used to take me a day or so to make a small batch with the manual freezer type of maker.

This Cuisinart model does everything, especially with its very own portable ice cream freezer.  As long as you can plug it in, you can make your frozen treat.  So, these would be great for the cottage too!

The downside to homemade ice cream, is that once you taste the freshness and natural goodness of this treat you will never want to buy the store bought again.  Those small tubs of the premium brand at the grocery store can get very expensive!

Yes, this unit will cost you more than those manual machines or plastic makers, but once you see just how easy and convenient it is to make a batch, you will find it to be a great investment.

It comes apart quickly and easily for cleaning, and will be ready for your next batch.

You can get these at many small appliance stores, and some electronic stores that carry appliances, but you can get a huge assortment of specialty products like this portable freezer online at such sites as Amazon.

So, if you want to enjoy your very own fresh ice cream without all the fuss of the manual machines, then try one of these, and you will never go back!

Hamilton Beach Half Pint Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker
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(price as of Aug 22, 2016)
this is such a cute little maker.