If you are looking for portable ice cube makers, you would find this information useful. Portable ice cube makers make it easy to make ice easily and almost instantly no matter where you are. Instead of putting water into the cubed mould and left in the freezer to freeze for several hours, this machine allows you to produce a large amount of ice for you to use in a short time which is perfect if you are planning a party. All you need to do is pour water into the compartment and it will start working to make your ice. Read on to learn more about this amazing machine and tips on places where you can buy them at a cheap price.

Ice Cubes (34350)Portable ice cube makers have some advantages besides its short production time. Have you ever made ice in the freezer only to have it taste like the food stored in there? I bet you have. This is because the odour from the foods travels into the ice-making compartment of the freezer via the circulation of the cool air. Besides that, it is easy for bacteria to land on your ice especially if the freezer is just filled up with new unfrozen food because of the temporary increase in temperature. Portable ice cube makers eliminate this problem because it is used for solely one purpose. The product of this machine is pure ice to be used immediately in your drinks.

What to Look for When Choosing Portable Ice Cube Makers?

Several things should come to your mind when choosing portable ice cube makers. Some things to consider is the amount of ice needed and the size of the ice cubes made, whether small, medium or large. Some machines only make standard sized ice while others can make multiple sizes. Most of the portable ice cube makers also have a storage compartment to store your ready made ice for use. You might also want to know their efficiency, which is measured by the number of cubes they are able to make each round. Depending on your requirements, there are different portable ice cube makers available to suit your needs.

How do Portable Ice Cube Makers Work?

When water is filled in the container, the cooling system in the appliance will freeze the water around them. Because of the strong cooling power that portable ice cube makers possess and the fact that they are directly in contact with the water, the water solidifies very quickly. The conventional freezer on the other hand relies on the cool air to freeze the water which takes much longer. Once the water solidifies, a little heat is passed through them so that the ice can drop easily into the storage bin.

Popular Brands for Portable Ice Cube Makers

Here, you will find some famous manufacturers which produce portable ice cube makers.




All of these brands have many different models of portable ice cube makers under their name. First, make a list of the basic requirements that you need before searching for one and also specify your budget. When deciding on which model to buy, it would be good to open the windows side by side in your browser and compare the features and prices of each of them. Eliminate any which does not need your initial requirements. After that, once you have narrowed it down to a few choices, read their respective reviews on the internet to see what previous customers are saying about their experience with their portable ice cube makers. With the internet, it is possible to find reviews with just a click of a button.

Where to Buy Portable Ice Cube Makers?

It is possible to find cheap portable ice cube makers if you know where to look. The internet has made competition so intense that suppliers are forced to offer discounts and offers to attract customers. This of course benefits you, the consumer. With the vast amount of resources available online, you can definitely find one that suits your budget and requirements. Here are some places to start looking for portable ice cube makers.

Amazon.com - One of the best sites to look for portable ice cube makers is on Amazon. They are home to many famous brands such as Windchase, Kalorik and NewAir. With this site, you can often find customer reviews at the bottom of the page to help you decide whether or not to purchase. You can be sure to find yourself an excellent deal on the Amazon store because they offer up to 50% discounts on certain models. There is no other place that gives you such a good bargain. You may even be eligible for free shipping on your purchase if you are lucky.

Nextag.com - Another site where you can portable ice cube makers is on Nextag.com. This website also offers a wide selection of brands and models for you to choose from. Prices start from as low as $140 up to $300 for higher end models. This website give you the option of comparing prices among different suppliers, which will save you time instead of searching for each supplier one by one. Once you click on the 'compare sellers' button, you will get a list of sellers and the price they are offering together with shipping costs. You could also read the seller reviews to determine if they are reliable.

eBay.com - Another option you can consider when buying portable ice cube makers is eBay. While it is famous for being an auction site for used goods, you can actually find new items on sale here as well. Simply search for portable ice cube makers and it will yield many results for you. As this site has worldwide influence, you can buy from sellers all around the world. You might be able to find a cheap one across the globe, but remember about the shipping charges if they were to send it all the way to your home. You might be better off buying a higher priced one closer to home with a lower shipping cost. If you are buying a used one, ask the seller questions about it and get as many pictures as you can.