Beat the Heat and Save Time With Portable Induction Cooktops

Portable induction cooktop burners will be a welcome addition to your kitchen appliance collection. This small, yet handy tool will speed up your time in the kitchen because food simply cooks faster. If you are a busy mom on the go, getting a quick and easy dinner onto the table with minimal clean up is not a luxury, but a necessity. A portable cook top will become your go-to appliance on those chaotically scheduled days.

What is a Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner?

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Induction cooking offers powerful heating, is fast, and is an overall energy saver. For anyone who has ever looked into purchasing a full induction cook top, the prices cost is well over one thousand dollars. That is out of the price range for many people.

An electric cook top offers an affordable alternative to those who want to cook with induction heat but cannot pay the price tag of a full fledged set of burners. It is also perfect for those wanting to experiment with induction cooking before buying a full cook top.

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Portable induction cooktops come with extra long cords so they can be used near any outlet. Depending on the brand you buy, they can have up to 10 different power levels and 10 temperature ranges for all different kinds of cooking. The control panel and timer are both digital and easy to read.

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Induction cooking requires cookware that is magnetic. Cast iron, cast aluminum enameled iron and steel and stainless steel with a magnetic bottom will work. If you are unsure if your cookware will work, simply place a magnet on the bottom. If it sticks, you're in business! Flat bottomed cookware will work the best.

Why Use a Portable Electric Burner? The Benefits of Induction Cooktops

There are many reasons why a portable induction electric cooktop is a kitchen tool worth investng in.

First, cooking is fast and powerful, as it brings water to a boil faster than stove tops. When time is short, your cooking time needs to be used more efficiently.

They are also safe to use and easy to clean. Anyone who has had to clean up a messy stove top because of splatters and spills from overheating sauces and soups knows what a thankless job it is. If you are the person who often gets this task, a portable cook top is the answer you have been looking for. By cooking on the right temperature, spills are avoided.

Portability makes this appliance one to try. Unlike a stove or microwave that stays in one spot, you can move the Duxtop portable burner to any space in the kitchen with an outlet.

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For those who are renovating their kitchen, a portable electric induction cook top makes a great temporary stove. If you have a smaller, older apartment kitchen, the Duxtop unit will add cooking space to your cramped quarters.

If you are entertainig this holiday season, and lack enough burner space, a portable induction cooktop will give you another space to cook your meal.

Do you own an RV? This small and easy to store burner can come with you on every trip and take up very little space in your camper. They cool quickly and are easy to store.

During the hot summer months, who wants to turn on hot electric burners or the gas oven? With an electric portable burner, you won't have to. There is no extra heat emitted from it, so you can cook hot foods without turning your kitchen into a sauna.

With an affordable price and so many good reasons to own one, a portable induction cook top countertop burner is an investment for people who enjoy cooking.