There are oftentimes occasions when you find that you need to come up with some sort of portable kennel floor. Times that this could happen, that come to mind, include times when you find you are doing a lot of travelling with your dog, if you rent a house and you find you move house fairly often (even every one or two years), or you need to move your kennel around your yard on a fairly regular basis due to weather restrictions or constraints. Not everyone has permanent dwellings, and it is nice if you are the sort of person who moves around a bit yet you have dogs, if your whole kennel setup can be somewhat portable as well.

A great source of portable kennel flooring is kennel decking. Kennel deck is normally sold in eight square feet pieces, though it is fairly easy to find decking with other proportions for sale as well. You can mix the different sized pieces or plan your kennel floor to use all of one sized pieces. It resembles other decking, in that it is made from hard plastic usually and consists of boards that are laid side by side with a small gap between 'boards'. The first thing that comes to mind with kennel decking is ease of use. It is extremely easy to work with and to lay down inside your kennel, and it is almost like laying down light weight blocks for example.

Other benefits to using kennel decking include the fact that your dog is up off the hard and sometimes damp ground. Dogs generally don't mind lying on the grass, and they seem to tolerate the hardness of the earth, and the dampness, fairly well but that doesn't mean that it is all that good for them. Aside from the fact that the ground can at times be quite cold and damp, it is also a fertile breeding ground for mites and fleas and other types of parasites. Keeping your dog up off the ground, even if for those reasons alone, is a real plus.

If the area you live in suffers from extreme temperatures, either extreme cold or extreme heat and humidity, you will find the kennel decking is a real plus in helping regulate the bad effects this has on your dog. Decking is much warmer than the cold ground to lie on during a cold winter, and it offers better ventilation during a hot, muggy summer.

There are many other reasons for suggesting the use of kennel decking, but even just given the portability and comfort, in my opinion that is more than enough reasons to look into using kennel decking in my kennels.