Portable lawn sprinklers are an amazing choice for people that have a home and a cottage because it allows them to water the grass on either of these properties. We live in an economy that places focus on the universality of products; why should landscaping tools be thought of any differently?

Can you imagine watering the grass at your house using a portable sprinkler that is connected to a hose faucet, and then packing it up to bring it to your cottage. There is no longer a need to buy two separate sprinklers...one can be used to water the lawns in both places!

Most Portable Lawn Sprinklers Will Hook Up To Your Hose FaucetPortable Sprinkler System With 5 Spray SettingsCredit: Amazon.com

In-ground sprinklers are amazing tools to water your lawn; however, they are usually hooked up to underground pipes that are, in turn, connected to a pipe inside of your house. One of the greatest things about purchasing a portable sprinkler for your lawn is that it can be connected to the hose faucet in your backyard.

Almost all houses and cottages have hose faucets on their exterior; garden hoses and usually connected to these faucets are used for things like washing the car and watering the lawn. A portable sprinkler connects to the hose faucet that is outside of your hose or cottage and waters the lawn using the water that comes from the faucet. This is the simple fact that gives the portable sprinkler the universality to water the grass at your home or cottage!

You Can Move The Portable Sprinkler Anywhere On The Lawn

Installing an in-ground sprinkler system is absolutely great and can automate the task of watering your lawn; however, the locations of those sprinklers are set in stone, and cannoRotating Portable Lawn Sprinkler That Connects To A Garden HoseCredit: Amazon.comt be altered. With that being said, they make it impossible to provide a specific patch of grass with extra water!

Imagine that you were doing a renovation on your house and had to add a few slabs of grass to the landscaping of your house; in-ground sprinklers would not allow you to provide those patches of grass with more water than the rest of your lawn. However, a portable sprinkler can be placed in a position that will water the new patches of grass for 20 minutes, and then in a position that will water the old patches of grass for 10 minutes! Basically, you can place the sprinkler absolutely anywhere on the lawn for as long as you want!

Hate Connecting And Disconnecting The Sprinkler Hose? Connect A Brass Two-Way Connector To Your Hose Faucet

Two of the downsides to using a portable sprinkler are connecting and disconnectinNoodlehead Flexible Portable Lawn SprinklerCredit: Amazon.comg it from the hose faucet every time that you have to use it! Imagine for a second that you have connected the sprinkler to the hose faucet in the morning, and set it in a position that will allow it to water your flower bed. Now imagine that you want to use the same hose faucet to provide the water to wash your car in the afternoon. You will have to disconnect the sprinkler, and reattach it the next time that you want to use it!

A bass two-way connector will eliminate these two tedious tasks completely! Landscaping your home is a difficult thing to do, so you should try to eliminate or automate as many of the repetitive tasks as possible! You can pick up a two way connector for your hose faucet on Amazon or at any hardware store; they are also called hose manifolds, so you should keep your eyes open for either name!

To Top It Off, These Sprinklers Are Really Inexpensive!

Hiring a professional plumber to install an in-ground sprinkler system will cost you upwards of $400; that cost is on top of the price of the sprinklers! These tools can be used to water your grass at an extremely low price; a ton of portable lawn sprinklers can be found for under $20! In addition, they will last a very long time; I have a portable sprinkler in my garage that I have used for well over 10 years. The color of the plastic on the sprinklers fades; however, they continue to perform perfectly.

There are a ton of ways to water your grass; however, you should choose the method that suits your lifestyle and needs!

There are a few options when it comes to choosing a sprinkler system to water your lawn; in-ground, above-ground, and portable sprinkler systems are the most popular options. It is simply a matter of choosing the options that is best for your landscaping needs! I have listed and described the best reasons to buy portable lawn sprinklers to water your grass; it you think that they match your landscaping needs, go out and buy one right now!