Why Get a Portable Mobility Scooters? - If you have decided to purchase a disability scooter, and you live right near everything, then you are set. But if you want to be able to go anywhere in a car, then you are going to need portable mobility scooters.

These scooters, are specially designed to be able to come apart or fold down in such a way that you can easily place this in the trunk (whoever is driving with you, or your partner or friend) By having it come apart, it makes the pieces lighter and easier to manage. Even if you have a mobility scooter lift for the car, you still need to be able to close the trunk.

So, if you will be using a car most of the time, then you should consider a portable mobility scooter instead. If you are using a van, then with the use of a mobility scooter lift, you can just lift the entire scooter in one piece into the van. In this case, if you have the room in the van, you can just purportable mobility scooterschase any model you like, as long as you have the lift to help you get it in the van.

But when using a car trunk, it is just much easier with portable mobility scooters. There are scooters that simply fold down, which works well too, but this depends on the weight of it. Your partner or friend, may be able to just fold it down and lift it into the trunk if it is not too heavy. If there is a lift installed in this car, then it can folded down and then lifted in. Drive Medical Phoenix 3 Wheel Compact Portable Travel Power Scooter, Red / Blue (pictured)

But many of the newer portable scooters, are designed to come apart into at least 3 pieces to make it more manageable for storing in the trunk. If you have the mobility scooter lift, then the fold down model will work fine. The pieces go back together quickly. This was designed to be user friendly.

But when asking friends, family or your partner to be lifting these in and out of the trunk, it is probably best to find a more portable one that comes apart. By having the ones that come apart, you can then go in anyone's car that is willing to help you take it apart. This way you are not limited.

You can purchase these at medical supply stores, or word of mouth is another good way. Find out what your friends are doing, especially if they too, have mobility issues.

But you can also get these online with Amazon. Shopping online is a good way to see what is available for the mobility market. More and more piece of equipment are becoming available to help anyone with mobility issues, and their loved ones that are trying to help.

Staying active can be difficult with mobility issues, but finding products that make life easier, such as portable mobility scooters, can help, especially if you have a car instead of a van. If your scooter comes apart, then you can go shopping in your friend's car and enjoy life.

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