Motorcycles are an investment that need care, therefore using a motorcycle shelter makes sense, especially in the off season.

If you live in a snow belt area, then you know you need to store it away for the winter.  Many people will store them in their garage which works well too, but if you use the garage all the time, then your bike could face damage and lots of dust and debris.

So, even if you store it in a garage or shed it is still in danger of damage.  Plus who wants to see their bike all covered in saw dust or dirt after 6 months of being stored.  You want to be able to get your bike back out of storage with minimal care before that first ride.

This is where a shelter comes in.  There are many on the market that are designed for one or two motorcycles, and are made of polyethylene material which will resist most weather.  These are quite often put up outside, but they also are a great secondary protector inside the garage.

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Motorcycle Enclosure

If you use your garage or workshop or even your shed all the time, and you are storing bikes in there, then consider getting a cover designed just for it instead of just throwing a sheet over the bike or bikes.  Even dirt bikes need a safe and clean home for the off season.

If you are storing it outside while you are away, putting it in a proper shelter will protect it as well from all the bad weather.  If you are storing it outside in a shelter, then try to find one that has a bottom to it.  This way you stop too much dampness from coming up from the ground.

Even if you are using this inside the shop or garage, it is nice to have  a bottom to the shelter to put the bike on, and then the rest of the shelter attaches to it, to make it one piece.

There are many on the market, you need to decide on the size and just how much room you have available for one of these motorcycle shelters on your property. 

The type pictured is easy to use, and is attached to the bottom piece.  These are great to use in those rental storage units as well to keep out debris.

You still have easy access to them if you want to get them out to work on.  You can even use these motorcycle shelters for temporary shelter anywhere while travelling or visiting.  This is a great way to keep the weather off of your bikes.

motorcycle is an expensive piece of equipment that could use protection don’t let it get full of debris when it is not in use.  If you keep it covered properly, then you will extend the life of yours.  These motorcycle shelters have vents in them as well and many are lockable.  This is also a great way to keep your bike out of view, so consider investing in a motorcycle shelter for your prized motorcycle, especially when it needs to sit or be stored for any length of time, give your bike its own home.

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