Outdoor flooring and decking has come a long way in the last few years.  There are so many options on the market now that can turn your dingy backyard or tired deck into a beautiful living space.

Let’s face it, many of us have to spend months indoors, and when that nice weather hits, we want to instantly and quickly move outdoors, and enjoy the extra space, but also the comforts of home.  No one wants to sit outside looking at a dingy deck or patio or balcony.

Outdoor kitchens are becoming quite common, so that you don’t even have to venture into the house at all you can cook and cool your food outside, with the latest in grills and outdoor appliances on the market.


Gorgeous! Instant Deck


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Interlocking and Great Drainage

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But what if you don’t want to go to all the expense of a permanent solution like that?  What if you have been putting off having a nice deck or backyard because of the cost of these types of renovations?  Or what happens if you rent your home or apartment but would still like the comforts of outdoor flooring and decking?

After some research on this subject, I found that you don’t have to rely on heavy construction or total renovations to spruce up your floor space outdoors.  If you already have a back deck, you can add another layer of portable deck flooring that works great and can be easily lifted back up.  This is great for a rental home, where you just can’t do permanent upgrades.

Here are 5 such options for outdoor flooring and decking that may work well for you.  They are an affordable way to decorate outside. 

Outdoor Flooring – Faux Pavers – These are 
really cool.  They are purchased in packages of 12 and each tile is 16 inches square.  They are constructed of lightweight polypropylene, but look like authentic stone pavers.  They have spikes on the bottom that grip anywhere there is raw ground, gravel or grass to hold them in place. 

These are a great way to make an “instant patio” anywhere, whether you need a quick walkway, and area around the pool, or a patio in the middle of the backyard.  You can easily lift them back up as easily as you laid them down.  If you like the look of square pavers, then this is an affordable way to create a patio without all the usual digging and fuss.  Perfect for a party or barbeque where you want extra patio space.

Outdoor Flooring – Snap Together Wood Deck Tiles – These are another cool idea that works well over top of an existing patio, deck or balcony.  They are kiln dried eucalyptus wood with snap together interlocking tabs that you can lay down in any pattern over your existing deck or patio.  They are also great for an outdoor shower area, or hot tub area, and drain well.

Deck or Patio Tiles

Block Interlocking Tiles

An Outdoor Rug Will Add Zest to a Patio too!

Camco 42827 Reversible Outdoor Mat (9' x 12', Checkered)
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The best part about them is they make your outdoor area look rich and well put together, and yet you can take them up and take them with you when you move.  Making these snap together deck tiles another great affordable option for a rental home.

Outdoor Flooring and Decking – Interlocking Drainage Tiles – These work well on concrete patios or balconies.  They basically interlock together and have drainage patterns in them to keep the water away from your feet.

They work great on balconies, patios, in garages, and on boats.  They can also take the weight of a car! You can get these in different patterns and are an affordable way to upgrade a tired looking patio, and keep away the dampness.

This next one is a real treat, especially if you love the feeling of river stones.

Outdoor Flooring – Pebble Mat – With these mats, no two are exactly alike.  The mats look like pebbles.  Many people use these for bath mats they feel nice on your feet.  But they are a great way to have a contemporary and modern feel to a patio or especially a balcony.

You simply work out how many mats you will need and then you place them together.  You can add your furniture and it will look great.  Perfect for renters who would love a hardscape, without having to get permission for expensive materials or construction from the landlord.u simply spray them with a hose when they get dirty as they are created on a well drained mat base.

 You can use these pebble floor mats indoors or outdoors, they look stunning on a patio or balcony setting.

Outdoor Flooring – Outdoor rug – You can cover a tired looking deck or patio or balcony with a good outdoor carpet or rug.  You don’t have to rely on the old “green outdoor” carpets, as you can now get outdoor rugs in beautiful patterns, just as you would for indoor area rugs.  They are created out of water resistant materials and dry fast.  They work well under your eating area or your sitting area, or for your outdoor kitchen setup. 

They are also a great way to break up areas on a larger deck.  There are many patterns and sizes to choose from, and they are easy to clean with a hose, or sweep debris off of them, or simply shake them out.

If you like the feeling of soft carpeting under your feet, then bring the carpeting outdoors.  Purchase an outdoor rug or area carpet that is rated for outdoors.  You can also get plain sizel rugs which work well too, but if you like the idea of a patterned area rug, then you can get those too.

Decorating outside has become big business, and it is getting easier and easier to create an outdoor living space which is affordable, beautiful and yet portable.

So, if you are finding yourself in the market for outdoor flooring and decking to brighten up your space, then shop around, and take a look at the latest in products that are out there on the market now.

You can get many products from your local hardware or home improvement stores, but you can also get many products online at sites such as Amazon.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a nice living space outside this year.