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Portable Patio Tabletop Heaters

Portable patio tabletop heaters are great. Whether you are buying them to accessorize a pool area outside or are building a hangout spot in the back yard, patio heaters are welcomed editions. They are smaller than the regular sized patio heater that stays on the patio or back porch. Since these are portable patio heaters they fit the lifestyle of some much better than a heater that has to be plugged in. It also fits housing designs as not every home was designed with outdoor fun, BBQs, and hanging out in mind. For homes without close electrical outlets and those who don't want to run extension cords to a patio heater, the portable unit is perfect. Most portable tabletop heaters for the patio, deck, or porch area use propane gas. A portable patio tabletop heater is shorter than the original big patio heater. As the name implies it can sit upon a tabletop, such as a pick nick table. If the tall patio heaters are more your style then go for it.

When you are choosing which portable patio heater to buy pay attention to these important features. One important feature is patio heaters' BTUs. The BTUs are the amount of heat or energy the outdoor patio heater outputs. For example, a standing, commercial patio heater puts out 46,000 BTUs, enough to keep two tables full of people warm outside. A smaller, portable tabletop patio heater will have less BTUs just because of its size and proximity to objects and people. The Garden Sun Portable Heater (pictured above) is one Amazon's best selling outdoor heaters. It shows the size of a table top portable heater. That particular outdoor heater is a portable propane heater that costs less than $100. It is a great price for chilly nights outside.

Another portable patio heater feature to look for is an electronic ignition. Many of the portable propane gas heaters have push button ignitions. This enables quick start heating. The others things tOutdoor Portable Propane Heater with MP3 Speakerso make sure it has is a tilt protection and weight plates. The tilt protection kicks in to shut off the gas in case the outdoor heater got bumped over. The weight plates are on the bottom of the portable tabletop heater and they ensure that the heater is secure. Some of these outside propane heaters for your patio, deck, porch, or outdoor pool area also include cool features like an MP3 plug in and speakers. The Gastar Portable Propane Heater (pictured right) has an MP3 system built in it and the review of it is excellent. Not only did it put out enough heater, but it also supplied music via an iPhone plugged into it. The Gastar Propane Heater is on sale at Amazon.

When you buy a portable patio tabletop heater or any other patio heaters, consider buying accessories as well. If you are creating an outside area for your home then you should also consider using an outside fire pit or one of the fire pit grills to accessorize the BBQ area. Between the portable patio heater and a fire pit you will be on your way to having the best back yard on the block.

Portable Patio Heater Covers and Accessories

Portable patio heaters are great. So are patio heater covers and other important accessories. Consider buying accessories for a portable patio heater. They help keep it clean, protect it from the elements, and bring more enjoyment because it is going to last longer. Portable patio tabletop heater accessories help maintain the outdoor propane heater's longevity. This list of portable patio tabletop heater accessories go well with the outdoor patio heater itself.

The best accessory that you can buy for a portable patio tabletop heater is a cover. Patio tabletop heater covers keep it clean and protected from the elements. Getting patio heater cover maintains the outdoor heater. Some also buy propane tanks with it or a propane nozzle adapter. It should be noted that if you want a bigger and stronger output of heat then the stand up, tall outdoor heaters might serve you better. It all depends on your needs. Some portable patio heaters need a set of wheels. While most portable patio tabletop heaters come with wheels already, not all do. If your heater does not have wheels perhaps it was meant as both a portable patio heater and a stationary patio heater. The nice thing about outdoor patio heater accessories is that you can personalize your heater to fit your needs.

If you are trying to find a great gift for men then consider giving a portable patio heater. If you know that he already has one then give patio heater accessories. Whether you are looking for gift ideas for men for Christmas, Father's Day, birthday, and a just-because gift, consider the propane patio heater. It makes a great addition to any back yard or porch area whether the goal is a great bachelor area or a nice family spot. The portable patio tabletop heaters enable more time outside.