Portable Jig Saw

Bayonet Saw

The portable saber  saw is the best choice for any carpentry job.  The portable saber saw is a great tool for cutting straight or irregular cutting of materials. This tool can do the same cutting as a floor-type jig or band saw, with the added convenience of a hand tool. A larger jig saw can cut through material 2" thick. It also can cut through a 2" x 4" piece in less than 15 seconds.  It will cut metal, wood, plastic, and many other materials. Most hand jig saws use orbital action (cutting the material on the up stroke and moving away from it on the down stroke). Because of this, cutting speed is greatly increased and the portable saber saw cuts with a cleaner edge.


  • Review general safety rules for use of portable electric tools.
  • Select the correct blade for the work and properly secure it in the chuck.
  • Be certain the material to be sawed is properly clamped.
  • Keep the cutting pressure constant. Do not force the cut.
  • When finished, turn off the power switch and allow the saw to come to a dead stop before setting the saw down.
  • Hold the base down securely on the work when cutting.


The design of this tool varies with the manufacturer.  However, all of these tools consist of a motor, a handle, a mechanism to change rotary action into up-and-down action, and a base-plate or shoe.  Select the correct blade.  At least three teeth must be on the cutting surface at all times.  To install the blade, loosen the set screws or clamp, and slip the blade into the slot under the chuck cover until you are sure it is tightly seated. Then tighten the set screw or clamp.

Operations for Straight and Irregular Cutting

Mount the work so it is held rigid. Make a layout line that can be followed. Set the shoe of the tool on the work. Start the motor and allow it to come up to full speed. Then move the saw along slowly. Don't force the cutting. Use only enough pressure to keep the saw cutting at all times. The tool is always held in one hand. The other hand can hold the work or steady the saw. For more accurate straight cutting, a ripping fence can be installed. The ripping fence can be used for cutting circles. A nail or peg must be driven into the center or the circle.