Laptops or notebook computers have long been part of our mobile offices. Now the mobile office has expanded to include many accessories such as portable printers and scanners. Who hasn't found themselves needing or simply wanting to print something on the spot while we were looking at it on their laptop? We now have a choice in scanners or printers that can be use with a laptop. This allows us to carry our office to any location that it is needed, and to be able to finish working on a project anywhere and print out the results.

There are different types of printers available that offer different amounts of clarity for different uses. There are printers for anything from text only to photos, and anything in between. Thermal printers produce a monotone type result and require a specific thermal paper to be used. This would be ideal for text or simple artwork that wouldn't require an accurate full range of color. Also, since a specific paper has to be purchased, it would not be the choice for anyone who prints out a lot of volume. There are printers that produce a very clear, sharp photo. These would be at the other end of the scale and would be used mostly for printing work that has a lot of color, or photos. For these printers, a specific photo paper is used and again would not be recommended for high volume work unless the quality is needed. The most versatile of the printers available is the bubble jet style. These printers use regular paper and print with a very acceptable clarity. The bubble jet printers are good for a wide variety of uses. Scanners should, also, be purchased with the job in mind. There are scanners that will scan a document of text or a photo. Also, there are business card scanners that can help you keep track of your business contacts. It is very useful to have a scanner available when you are working in a place that it is impossible to get a hard copy of a document. The scanned copy can be reviewed at a later date and even e-mailed, or can be stored on your computer for reference.

Portable printer and scanners are made lightweight and small enough to fit in a laptop bag. With reasonable care, they will always be ready to use and undamaged. Most brands seem to be pretty reliable. Prices do range depending on the brand and the features. Printers will cost somewhere between $270 and $450. Scanners will cost somewhere between $125 to $230. One way to save some money is to buy a printer kit, not just the printer by itself. The kits include everything needed as far as accessories to make printing on location easy. One nice accessory is a paper feeder. Otherwise, you will need to feed the paper through one at a time. The kits do cost more than the printer alone, but are well worth the price in convenience and time saving's. Having a portable printer and scanner or a portable printers for laptop makes your mobile office more complete!