Solar Camping Shower

If you love camping but hate giving up on conveniences, then you are going to love the portable showers to take with you on that trip.

If you go to a designated camp ground, then you are most likely going to have public showers, so problem solved, but what if you have a cabin in the woods without running water or you go to areas without the public shower house. Then using a portable shower, is a great way to go, and enjoy the great outdoors while still feeling clean!

These portable showers  are usually 5 gallon "insulated bags" that heat up the water really fast. You can hang them from a tree branch, or you can also rig up a privacy curtain, or you can get portable shower enclosures where the portable showers can hang from, if you are not too fond of showering in your birthday suit in the open!


I discovered these portable showers, while shopping in a outdoor store. This is a place you should wander around in sometime, as you can get all kinds of cool little gadgets and helpful hints from the staff when it comes to enjoying that outdoor trip with some of the comforts from home. There are also environmentally friendly soaps and shampoos you can use.

Technology has come a long way, and there are even solar backpacks that can help to keep your laptop or other electronics going while camping. Shopping in a outdoor store is like a showroom for campers! You keep finding things that you "think you must have".

But back to the portable showers for camping. Do yourself a favor and get a outdoor shower enclosure too. That way you can still have some privacy while having that shower, and they fold away as well. This portable shower also has a place for soap and shampoo, so that you are not searching for them.




Enjoy a Hot Shower on that Next Camping Trip

Advanced Elements Summer Solar Shower - 3 Gallon
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Coleman Sunshower® Enclosure
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perfect for some privacy

The insulated panels is what helps to heat the water fast and keep it warm. There are many on the market now, and the best part, is that they just fold up when you don't need them anymore, which makes them easy to pack.

Now the downside to this, is that there are only 5 gallons, which means if you normally fall asleep against the wall of your home shower until the hot water runs out, then you will get a rude surprise here! But they do come with water saver shower heads that can turn off while you lather up for example.

I know that we had one that heated up faster hanging outside, than the propane 5 gallon one that was in our trailer. If you get it out in the sun it heats up fast.

You just seem to enjoy the outdoors that much more, if you can wash, and especially wash your hair. So, if you are trying to come up with a list of "must haves" for that rough cabin in the woods or that tent style camp in the woods, then this might be something you can add to your list. They are affordable and portable.