The obesity battle rages on in America and more people are trying to work exercise into an already hectic lifestyle. For many, a portable stationary bike has proven to be a perfect solution to this problem. This machine is easy to transport and is a great way to burn some calories and improve fitness levels no matter where a person is. There are numerous exercise bikes on the market and these mini cycles can be basic or boast some really high tech features. Choosing a portable stationary bike does not have to be a headache and can provide some real health benefits.

Why use a portable stationary bike?

Portable Stationary Bike

Many busy professionals have a difficult time juggling work, family and exercise. This problem can be compounded by lack of nearby gym facilities or costly gym memberships. Often there is not a large space in their home for exercise equipment. All of these things make a transportable mini cycle a smart choice. This piece of exercise equipment can easily be used at home or kept in the trunk of a car for exercise on the road.

In addition to the ability to take the machine on the road is the health benefits it provides. There are several options for exercising on the run. Some people rely on jump ropes, dumbbells, push up bars or ankle weights. This is fine, but the benefits to the stationary bike are fantastic. Not only can it provide a nice aerobic workout for the legs, but it can also be used on a flat tabletop and provide a great workout for the arms. The ability to work out both areas of the body makes the use of an exercise bike a smart use of time and space.

Features of a portable stationary bike

Mini exercise bikes vary greatly and it is up to the user to find the price point and features that best suit their needs. Most bikes have an adjustable resistance feature to increase the tension and make for a more demanding workout. Better models have an LCD readout which shows distance, time, calories burned, reps, and total reps. This is a great way for a user to gauge the day-to-day improvement from using the stationary bike. Models with wide non-slip stabililizers are preferred and many models come with an automatic shut-off to save battery life in the display.

Cost of a portable stationary bike

The price is what makes mini exercise bikes such a great deal. There are dozens of models under $50 and many more are less than $100. This is a small price to pay for something that will provide great health benefits. If the buyer is unable to test a model in a local store or gym, then reading consumer reviews is the best way to determine if a model is cheap for a reason or just a great deal.

Any health conscious person that is feeling stressed from work and family can find relief in exercising. Losing weight, increasing strength and improving stamina are the physical benefits, but the mental benefits of exercise are just as important. It is not always easy to find the time and space for a full exercise regimen and that is why a portable stationary bike can be a dream come true. This lightweight and highly transportable machine may be just the exercise machine to give a person a whole new outlook on life. A person should consider a portable stationary bike and feel what they have been missing!