I don't know about you but I really dislike moving. Every time I have moved in my life, I have said these exact words... "There has to be a better way". From the renting of a truck, hauling all your stuff up or down 2 or 3 flights of stairs, and then the loading and unloading into the "temporary" storage units...wow it is a big nuisance! Fortunately I have some good news and a new way to think about moving. Its time to consider using portable storage units.

First though, lets discuss the "why's" of considering using these portable storage units. For me the real pain has always come when I've been in the middle of a transition. Lets say that you've got a solid buy offer on your home and your very excited by the prospects of selling and finding a new place to live. However, the new purchasers of your home want to move in on a very aggressive schedule. They've given you 30 days to close, and its the best offer that you've seen from anyone in months. What do you do? No doubt, like any quick thinker in this economy, you sell your place without blinking.

Now though, you've got some challenges ahead. You see, now you need to go out and find that "perfect" new home to live in. Unfortunately what sounds easy and simple many times can take months to work through. Finding a new home under pressure is just no fun. So, what can you do?

One choice is to move all your belongings into a mini storage facility. That choice can be painful. You have to essentially move 2 times. It goes like this...

1) Call and reserve a truck and a mini storage building.(hope you can get both on your first try)
2) Drive through traffic to the truck rental facility.
3) Drive through traffic back home.
4) Load the truck as fast as possible since you are paying by the hour or day.
5) Drive as fast as possible through traffic to the mini storage facility (remember you're paying by the hour.
6) Quickly unload the rental truck and slam all your stuff into the mini storage garage. Lock it up.
7) Drive to the gas station to fill the truck with deisel.
7a) Ooops the first gas station doesn't sell deisel....you need to find one that does :-)
8) Drive the truck back to the rental facility
9) Get in your car and go home..thinking about how you have do this exactly the same way again when you find your new home. :-(

There is a better way! Its time to consider using mobile storage containers for your next move.
These are essentially a mini storage garage...brought to your driveway. The truck drops off the box outside your door or as close as you want it to your home, you load it up at your convenience and then when its full, you are done! You call the company,the portable unit is literally picked up, put on a truck, and stored. When you've got your new home settled, you call the company and have them bring your unit or units to you.

Portable storage units are so much easier and even can be cheaper if you find a local company in your area that is starting out in the business. Some of the big nationwide vendors are great at this service, but I've always found that a few local calls to your chamber of commerce or real estate agents in the area can provide a great local business reference that will give you peace of mind and a great deal. Google also provides local search listings for moving and storage companies and you may find someone good through a quick internet search and a few phone calls.

Another side point that could be mentioned. Even if you are not moving, these portable storage units are also a great option for home remodeling projects. Think about it, instead of moving the furniture and other belongings to a temporary mini storage facility, just load it into the PSU out in front of your home. Its safe, secure, and you don't even need to store it in a warehouse or anything. Just leave it there until your project is finished. Nothing gets damaged, nothing gets stolen. Its a great alternative for this use too.