Outdoor Portable Clothesline

We all want to do our part for the environment and getting an umbrella clothesline is a great way to do this quickly without tools and a permanent installation.

This particular style of a clothesline or dryer works well when space is limited.  We all remember those big pulley wheels on that tree at the back of the yard and the laundry drying in the wind (or at least I remember this!) This is a great way to go if you have the room, a very large yard, the tools and the time to install such a system.

But if you are limited for room, you can still dry your clothes outside with a portable type of umbrella clothesline.  This style of clothes dryer is really easy to set up without any holes or concrete or permanent installation at all. 

this clothesline works well if you want to dry your clothes on your back deck or patio.  They are designed with a sturdy tripod style system to stop it from falling over.  There is tons of room to hang your clothes on.  An umbrella clothesline actually is deceiving, it may look small but holds a lot.

If you are renting a house and want to dry your clothes outside, these portable outdoor dryers are a great option.  There are no holes to dig, or construction of any kind to do, no bothering your landlord to set one up (although that would be a nice gesture).

You can get many different styles of portable clothes dryers for indoors, some that fit in your tub and others big enough to fill a room, but when it comes to drying them outside, which is nice to do once that spring weather arrives, permanent structures were the way to go.  Some of the indoor ones don’t hold up to the wind outside, so by getting a umbrella clportable umbrella clotheslineotheslines that is designed for outdoor and indoor use, you can get those fresh breezes for your laundry and not have it fall over.

Clothes smell fresh when they have been dried outside.  This is also one way to save on your electric bill or gas bill and to do your bit to reduce your carbon footprint.

You can get these in most department stores and home improvement stores, but you can sometimes get a greater variety online at such sites as Amazon. Household Essentials 3-Arm Portable Umbrella Clothing Dryer

Outdoor clothes dryers are usually treated so that they don’t rust, so just make sure your clothesline says for indoor and outdoor use, this way it will last longer.  With the nicer weather now here, it is worth hanging out that load of laundry.  Many of my friends will monitor the weather forecast and do their laundry at night and hang out their clothes overnight, so that they are ready to be brought in when they get home from work the next day.

It has always been easier to just throw them in the electric or gas dryer with our busy lives, but also many of the fabrics are going back to natural cottons etc, and are not meant to go in the dryer, so instead of hanging them all over the house and on the back of chairs or railings, consider getting a portable umbrella clothesline and hang them outside.  They fold up when done, and your clothes will last longer.

this is another option that can go indoors or outdoors.