Have you ever considered the benefits of buying a portable wardrobe closet?  Do you even know what it is?  A portable wardrobe is often a fancy clothes rack on wheels which is covered in a thick canvas shell.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be canvas but generally the cover keeps the portable clothes rack enclosed and attractive to the eye.  It also is heavy duty in the sense that it won’t easily be damaged while simultaneously protecting your clothing on the inside from the elements on the outside.  On the whole a portable closet or wardrobe is going to be similar to a wooden wardrobe but in a much smaller and mobile package.

Portable Wardrobe Closet WhiteIf you need a mobile clothing storage solution for your home you don’t have to go with a portable closet wardrobe.  You can always go with rolling coat racks, luggage, or some other clothing storage solution but arguably a free standing portable wardrobe is going to be the best all around solution because of the price and versatility these units offer.  You can find some portable wardrobes on wheels while others simply break down for travel.  Some are designed to be covered coat racks whereas others are full portable closets complete with shelves and drawers.  If you want a portable closet on wheels then be prepared for a shopping trip online however because these items are a little easier to find on the store shelves of the big online retailers than they are to be found at your local Walmart, Target, or Bed Bath and Beyond.  There just isn’t enough demand for many of these items to be found in stores even though they aren’t that expensive.

Mobile Clothing Storage Ideas

Portable Wardrobe Storage SolutionYour typical clothing storage solution, the wooden wardrobe closet is always an attractive solution but it’s not a very good idea for mobile needs or even versatility around the home.  You may have a home with a spare bedroom and the closet may be used for miscellaneous storage for the home.  This is quite common but in the even t that house guests stop by you may need a wardrobe on hand to pull out for your guests to use.

Another use for portable wardrobes is to use them as temporary clothing storage units for out of season clothing.  You can easily put a portable covered clothes rack in a spare room of your house or even the basement to store clothes that won’t be used for months out of the way.  When those seasons hit you can bring the clothing back up into your regular closet and store the portable wardrobe closet away for use when the seasons change back.

An alternative wardrobe alternative is of course to store out of season items away in garment bags and other forms of luggage.  This can be a good idea to get maximum use out of your luggage that you may only use for travel every now and then but it obviously doesn’t allow you to store your clothing very easily.  Additionally using luggage for clothing storage may not be good for the clothes as they won’t be able to hang very well.

If you want to get a wardrobe closet on wheels or a wardrobe that breaks down for easy storage then make sure to start your search online.  Rubbermaid portable closets get good reviews and many of the Organize It All products are excellent solutions for increasing the closet space around your home.  If you can’t find these types of items in your local stores then buying the online is pretty simple and generally quite secure.