One excellent solution for extra clothing storage around the house is to buy a portable wardrobe on wheels which can effectively store clothes anywhere you need it to.  Because these free standing portable closets are mobile they can easily be transported short distances on wheels which are either built on or added with the use of a caster base.  They can also be moved longer distances, down stairs, or on trips, moves, or vacations by folding down and or collapsing.

A portable wardrobe is basically a large wardrobe but made from a portable and relatively lightweight frame.  Unlike more traditional wardrobe closets a portable wardrobe is excellent for as needed events like house guests, trips, and home improvement projects.  After all just because extra storage is needed doesn’t mean it is needed at all times.

Portable Wardrobe Storage Ideas

Portable Wardrobe Storage SolutionThe Rubbermaid portable wardrobe is one garment storage solution which is a cut above the rest.  The customer reviews of this product clearly show that most buyers of this unit love it for its versatility and quality however it does not come with wheels included.  In fact many full size portable wardrobes are truly portable but don’t have wheels for short distance travel.

One great option for those looking to spend less on wheels garment racks is to buy a portable clothes rack on wheels and then purchase separately a canvas garment rack cover which can give the illusion of a wardrobe.  Although this solution won’t be ideal for all types of garment storage it will be an excellent way to add hanging clothes storage to any room in your house.

If you are willing to spend a bit more money there are however some very nice garment rack frames which have different tiers of hanging garment bars as well as shelf space making the actual frame feel much more like a closet of wardrobe.  Covering one of these rolling garment racks can be an excellent way to achieve the look and feel of a wardrobe on wheels.

Organize It All makes another portable closet on wheels – The Blue Storage Armoire - which is similar to the Rubbermaid wardrobe.  It has plenty of room for hanging clothes as well as shelf space and drawers.  It is billed as a true storage space solution.  Built firmly on a nice set of caster wheels this portable storage unit may be exactly what you are looking for.  It is 64 inches tall and sports a very fine customer review rating over on Amazon.

Overall it’s a good idea to get a portable wardroom with wheels because you never know who handy they can become.  Most people travel at some point in their life and as we all know it’s much better to live out of a closet then a suitcase.  Similarly offering your guests a storage space for their belongings is an excellent option for you as a house guest.  Even if you use your spare bedroom closets for storage in the home it’s easy to have a portable closet on hand to open up whenever to need arises.