Portable wardrobe racks are excellent items for any household to own.  Not only are they useful for around the house but they also make for handy items when traveling.  Who hasn’t ever gone on a family vacation to visit friends or relatives only to find that when you get there they aren’t prepared for fully housing you and your family?  Most people have a guest bedroom or a spare room but even in these cases closet space is at a premium.  Travelers almost always resort to living out of a suitcase when on trips like this.  There is another way.

Portable Wardrobe Clothing Racks For Travel

When traveling, unless you like the idea of living out of a suitcase it’s often really nice to own a fold down clothing rack or wardrobe that can open up to give you a place to unpack.  Some travelers are lucky that their friends and families have plenty of closet space for you to unpack into but bringing your own portable wardrobe really makes things simpler and easier to plan for.  These types of portable garment closets are not expensive either so they may be worth buying for use on the road as well as in the home.

Blue Portable Wardrobe Armoire - Organize It AllThe Blue Storage Armoire by Organize It All – This portable armoire clothing rack is probably the best all around portable clothes rack you can buy.  It is designed for hanging clothes and folded clothes, it is lightweight and highly portable.  It stands 64 inches tall and sits on wheels.  It is not only highly efficient at storing clothing and other home goods but it is also a rolling portable closet which can easily come in handy at home as well as on the road.

This standing portable wardrobe has a built in clothes rack, shelves, and even drawers for all your non-hanging clothes.  It has a high quality canvas cover which encloses the rack to make it a full collapsible wardrobe and it is quite attractive.  It folds down for easy portability and doesn’t cost a whole lot.  And as you can see from the product reviews on its sales page, many past customers are very happy with this rack.  It has wheels attached making its portability and design a top contender in the portable wardrobe space category.

Black Portable Closet ArmoireThe Black Portable Closet By Kennedy Home Collections is an excellent alternative to the Blue Storage Portable Armoire mentioned above.  It is price more competitively and it is slightly smaller in dimensions standing 62 inches tall.  Like the Organize It All portable wardrobe armoire above this free standing closet is capable of holding hanging clothes, folded clothes on interior shelves.  It has a robust lower shelf for storage of large items or small items like shoes and it has a unique closure where each side of the closet can be independently opened and secured in the open or closed position. 

Similarly this portable closet armoire has high reviews from past customers as can be seen on the sales page and according to those who have purchased it before the only complaint or concern that is common is the construction of the clothes rack frame.  The frame of this clothing rack is quite robust so putting it together may take a little more time than some other units as it is quite secure.  This could of course be a good thing as it indicates a sturdy frame of construction.

Portable Clothes Racks For Extra Closet Space At Home

When on the road your portable garment racks usually have more needs to accomodate.  You not only have clothes to hang but you also have clothes that fold and go into drawers and on shelves.  At home clothes rack closets don’t usually need to be full closets or wardrobes.  They don’t usually need to fill the requirements of a full closet but more often than not need to simply provide extra storage for overflow clothing, coats, dresses, or other hanging garments that may be out of season.  Here are a few popular portable clothing racks which are better greater for extra closet space in your home rather than for travel and vacation.

Portable Wardrobe Storage SolutionThe Rubbermaid Breathable Wardrobe Storage - This portable wardrobe rack is made by Rubbermaid which is one of the most trusted names in home storage.  They are less known for their products in the extra closet storage area of the home but their products are of the highest quality.

This portable wardrobe clothing rack comes in blue and is available in multiple sizes.  There is the 60 inch tall option and the 36 inch tall option.  Both of which come with a plastic peep window to see into the wardrobe and both of which are constructed to be free air flowing and breathable.  These wardrobes are perfect for a spare room in the house, the basement, or laundry room and they are designed to be used primarily for hanging clothes as they do not have built in shelving or drawers.  As you can see from their sales page however this rack is well liked by actual customers and could be a great solution for your home.

Portable Wardrobe Closet WhiteThe Whitmor Polypro Clothes Closet is another excellent alternative to the aforementioned Rubbermaid.  Like the Rubbermaid this extra hanging clothes closet is designed to only store hanging clothes and is really meant to be a out of season storage closet to be tucked away into a spare bedroom or basement.  This is a white storage closet and it has clear see through panels for easy inspection.  It is also very reasonably priced and has good remarks from past customers.

Like the Rubbermaid wardrobe closet storage systems above this collapsible clothes closet is available in two sizes, 60 inch and 36 inch and it is stationary in that there are no wheels, rollers, or casters attached.  If you need simple clothing storage for you home for out of season garments or maybe a tall extra clothing closet for infrequently used garments such as large winter coats or formal gowns then this may be a good closet storage option for you to consider.