Portable washing machines have come a long way in the past decade! The new, space saving portable washing machines are sleeker, more affordable and far more efficient than the clunky models of the past. Apartment dwellers and other urbanites have rediscovered the convenience and quality that can be found in these compact washing machines. For anyone tired of hauling clothes up and down flights of stairs to the basement laundry or walking entire blocks with a heavy load of clothes to the nearest laundromat, the use of a small washing machine in an apartment is a real time saver.

Avanti Portable Washing Machine

Apartment living can be cramped under the best of circumstances. Many units have stackable washer and dryer combinations, but for those in a studio apartment or very tiny apartment even these space saving washers and dryers are not offered. The portable washing machine can be the perfect solution. Mounted on wheels, this device is wheeled into place near a kitchen or bathroom sink. A water hose is connected to the faucet and a drain hose is placed into the sink and that is about it. The person doing laundry only needs to follow the basic manufacturer's instructions for using the preferred model. Clothes go through the same type of wash cycle as found in the full size washing machines. Energy efficient and easy to use, portable washing machines make a great investment.

There are many top notch compact washing machines on the market today. Some of the best portable models include:

Avanti W797 Top Loader Portable Washing Machine

This is one of the finest compact washers available. Rollers and recessed handles mean easy movement. A digital display and bottom agitator mean an easy to use interface produces clean clothes in a snap. The Avanti washing machine is energy efficient, too.

Haier XQJ50-31 Portable Washing Machine

This model from Haier is a real workhorse! It will hold over 10 pounds of laundry. Great for those with serious laundry needs and no space! It is a great machine for smaller homes, apartments, cabins, RVs or even boats. The powerful motor on the Haier makes it ready to tackle the tough loads that other smaller, less powerful washing machines cannot.

Wonderwash Portable Hand Crank Mini Washing Machine

This is the ultimate in portability. It uses no electricity! This hand crank model can handle up to 30 pair of socks in a single load or 2 to 3 pair of bluejeans. The Wonderwash is the ultimate answer to those living off the grid. It makes a wonderful camping washer, too. It is very compact and easy to use. The truly wonderful thing about the Wonderwash is the price - most models can be bought for less than $50! One of the best entry level portable washing machines.

There are many more energy efficient portable washing machines that clean clothing well. The investment is minimal and will pay for itself quickly. No more hoarding quarters or hoping the nearest washing machine is not broken or occupied. It is easy to shop for portable washers online or at a local appliance store. Portable washing machines offer an energy friendly convenient way to keep your clothes clean without sacrificing valuable living space.