inovative good game play good difficulty intertwined with half-life


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Review of Portal Overview:
Portal is an origanal 3d puzzle game develped by Valve. The game is availible on the Xbox 360, Plastation 3, and Windows Computers. In the game you are a test subject and you must find your way through the different test chambers. The twist is, you are in possession of a portal gun that when shot twice will create two different portals that are connected. You can then climb through them and likewise your enemies can see you. As you move through the levels you will encounter more and more obstacles some of which include. Electric Energy Balls Raidioactive Material Military Androids Levers Opening Doors My Opinion: In my view the game was probably one of the best I've ever played. It is completely unique and and offers a whole new level of game play not found in any other games. The graphics where average with some especially nice effects when you fail to open a portal. When it came to game play the all of the eighteen or so levels were challenging without ever becoming to difficult to complete. The game it's self is rather short but it has a secret extended level at the end. If you are a player of the half-life series then you will note the signs posted on walls and the multi-media presentation that compare Black Mesa and Aperture Science. Black Mesa appeares in the half-life series quite often as Gorden Freeman used to be an employee there. Aperture Science was just mentioned at the end of episode two when you find the Borealis.

In Closing

I will give this game an 8/10