Positional Considerations in Full Ring NL Hold'em

All decisions in poker are made with incomplete information. The best way to combat this is to provide yourself with the opportunity to gain as much information as possible by choosing to play in later relative position than your opponents. By routinely forcing your opponents to act before your, you can make sure to have as much information as is available to make more correct decisions over time.

Positional Basics

Terminology –A standard full ring table can be divided into 4 basic groups:

Early position (EP): 1st two positions to the left of the Big Blind, these places are referred to as under the gun (UTG) and under the gun +1(UTG+1).

Middle Position (MP): The next 3 seats are the middle position seat and will be referred to as MP1, MP2, and MP3. MP3 sometimes being referred to as the hi-jack position.

Late Position (LP): The last 2 seats before we get back to the blind are considered late position and can be individually referred to as the cut-off an button respectively. The button being the last position to act and denoted with the dealer button in front of him. In a home game, this is the person dealing the current hand.

Blinds: The blinds consist of the Small Blind (SB) and Big Blind (BB)

Playing In Position (IP): Sitting to the relative left of you opponent and get too act after them.

Playing Out of Position (OOP): Sitting to the relative right of you opponent and having to act before them each betting round.

Using position to your advantage – General rules for playing positionally aware involves playing tighter in early position and looser as you approach the button. Money will flow to the left in ring game being to everybody's left (the button) is a good place to be. Getting to see your opponents make decision in front of you will allow making better decisions with more complete information and increasing your profit in the long run.

EP: play your cards. Strong starting hands are a necessity as you will usually be OOP and have to make decisions before your opponents.

MP: varies with who is in LP. If the people behind you are playing overly tight, open up your game with some more liberal raising in order to play IP post flop against the blinds and EP players.

LP: While you can't play any two cards, this is where you can be the most liberal with your opening selections. When on the button, you are guaranteed to e able to play post flop while in position and will be able to play a large variety of cards profitably.

Blinds: You've already got money invested so you should be able to see some cheap flops, but you will be OOP the entire hand so these two seats should be played with caution.