There are hundreds of books available about positive thinking or positive affirmations. The books claim that if you change your thoughts, you can easily live a life of abundance. The law of attraction has become so popular even preachers are including it in their sermons. Some people claim that their lives have changed and money is flowing, while others claim the power of positive thinking does not work.

The human mind has thousands of thoughts per day. If you have one positive thought and the rest are negative, then the power of positive thinking will not work. Your predominant thoughts must be positive and that is difficult for most people.

You need only to watch television to see that our society thrives on all things negative. We love to tear others down and we love to watch people behaving badly. Reality shows are successful for that very reason. We criticize others at every turn and we always criticize ourselves. One positive thought will not change that.

In addition, we are a society that demands immediate results. If results are not immediate, we give up. Changing the way you think takes time and patience. You must have realistic expectations and realize that one positive thought is not going to open the floodgates of wealth to flow in your life.

We have been conditioned to believe that we have no power to control the direction of our lives. In addition, our view of God as the entity that decides on a whim to create havoc in our lives, does not help. When things go well we say God blessed us, when things go bad we wonder what we did to deserve such punishment.

To overcome a negative way of thinking takes a great deal of time and effort. It can work but you must commit to it. The best way to change your thoughts is to become aware of the thoughts you are having. Most of us are on autopilot and rarely are aware of the thousands of thoughts that we have in one day.

A great test to perform is to carry a small notebook and when you become aware of a thought you are having, write them down. Do this for about a week. After a week read through your notebook. You may be shocked by the number of negative thoughts that you actually have. This exercise will also help you to become more aware and mindful of the thoughts you are having.