When you initially get involved in a relationship; friendship, and especially dating, etc... you get to know so much about the other person; and, those points of associations get locked-in to your memory - mostly of being positive connections.

Favorite people; favorite places; favorite foods; favorite TV shows; favorite expressions; favorite jokes; music; games; experiences; thoughts; philosophies; opinions; values; the way the person effects you - emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually; his or her mannerisms; and all of the wonderful things that (defines he or she, in your mind, and) makes the person unique - they are part of that connection that drives people towards wanting to explore, and get to understand all of the things related to another human being. In dating, it could be part of what is known as: "the (can't get enough of each other) honey-moon stage"...

Also - in dating, you may see yourself enthrawled; very interested in the favorite things of your partner - because they are a part of him or her (of course); and being involved in those things, are certainly ways to feel close to him or her. It's all a part of the intimacy, that makes relationships wonderful.

What if the relationship suddenly dissolves? What if there is a fall-out; a break-up; a parting-of-ways; and, there is no more relationship? When it's all over; the two of you have seperated, and numbers are removed from speed-dial... What happens to all of those positive emotional associations, and connections that you both established. Maybe, the mind files them under: "out the window"... or something of that nature.

You can make the best of the memories/associations:

What had (at one time), a very strong emotional association... suddenly becomes related to (perhaps, and somewhat), an apathetic state... and, the good news is: One can always establish new memories, and treasure what can be from others; and - the past relationships, are teachers for the future connections.

What do you think?