If you are entering into a new business venture take one very small step back to research the most valuable time that you can be spend.

On inspection if there are hundreds of positive searches does this mean that the market is saturated or alternatively does it mean that there is little interest, the answer is in your attitude to the findings.


There are no right or wrong answers to your findings the answer is in your reaction.

There is a sales story which many sales trainers use to explain this theory of attitude


There was a salesman who was asked to open up new territory on a remote island, his Sales manager told him to go ahead and establish should they open up a store for selling all kinds of
footwear of casual shoes to full dress shoes.

On arrival the salesman noticed that no one on the island was wearing any kind of shoes, all the Men Women and Children were all barefoot, he quickly made contact with the sales manager and
asked him to get him back as soon as possible as there was little point in
pursuing the idea any further as no one wears shoes and the chances of any
sales were very remote.

Once he had returned the Sales manager decided to try one more time with a different


On arrival the salesman was ecstatic at seeing that no one was wearing any kind of footwear, he quickly contacted the sales manager with the words get as many pairs of shoes as you can get here as quickly as possible no one is wearing shoes we will make a killing there are none
shoe shops.

Same Island, same people different salesman. Different attitude.

How you read the situation can determine your success, a positive attitude is vital to any
Entrepreneur, business will never be easy and your way of thinking will determine your achievement.


As an entrepreneur the importance of keeping an open mind to all situations is just as important
At the product or service you are supplying, every opportunity must be taken and and not
overlooked by preconceived ideas.

Looking for new business continuously is essential there will be times when you are too
busy to even consider looking for new clients, but I can assure you that you
Must make time no client can never be taken for granted as you will soon learn
That companies are not loyal and you can lose them very easy.

The positives of always looking for new clients are that you can control your own
prices too few clients ultimately will see you dropping your prices when your clients are reviewing their budgets,

Dropping prices are a downward spiral that can run out of control if you have no choice,

Keep in control of your business and only if completely necessary to let your clients dictate your prices.