In this busy world staying positive is a wonderful skill. What are some techniques for positive motivation? The most common would be the "pep" talk. Most of us are familiar with this if we have played sports. Your coach comes in and revs up the team, all the up talk is followed by shouts and cheers. What if you don't have a coach? Life coach yourself! Yes, you can do it. Get in front of the mirror and look at yourself. Have you given it your best shot? Do you take care of your teeth, your skin your hair? Do you wear clean clothes, do you toss things that are stained or frayed. Do you feel like a million bucks?

Do what you can from where you are with what you have. If you can't afford designer clothes, fine, buy the nicest thing you can afford. Buy attractive colors for your skin tone, and check for fit. Wash your face with nice soap and feed your body good food. Yes! Please eat well! Eating effects so much more than you know. Sugar is mildly addicting. Did you know in lab tests, rats become more quickly and more strongly addicted to sugar than heroin? It has a numbing effect on the body, and eventually dulls the taste buds. Try to make sugar a conscious choice in your life. You will gain more enjoyment from one piece of really fine cheesecake than the daily two scoops of sugar in your coffee.

Back to the mirror exercise, look yourself in the eye. Smile. Do you love yourself? Do you like yourself? Do you know you can do one thing every day that scares you! Yes, practice getting out of your comfort zone. Say hi to strangers. Smile, you will so realize there is so little to fear. People like conversation and a friendly smile. And you never know who might be a fairy godmother. After all, how are you going to meet people if you don't hold out your hand and say "hello"! If you fear public speaking, visit a toastmasters club. Better yet, stop in at a 12-step meeting. No one will judge you, and you might learn something!

Start every day with a personal pep talk. Say "I have arrived!" and mean it! You are all you have. Believe in you! Be on the team. Spend at least as much on your personal growth as your do on your cosmetics. Your inner life is not worth less than your outer appearance, it's worth more! Don't be a workshop junkie, feed yourself real mental food. Take classes at the local university, or the gym. Nurture curiosities. Be well read. Subscribe to a magazine that writes about ideas, not actors or makeup. Stay away from fashion magazines.

Develop a simple exercise routine. Start where you are. If getting up to turn off the TV represents a work out to you, start there! Turn off the TV at least one day a week and you will find five extra hours you never knew you had. You will find it is much easier to be positive when you are not bombarded by televised advertising.

Develop a simple meditation routine. If you pray great, stick with it. Spend at least ten minutes a day giving thanks. Write out a daily gratitude list. Mail out thank you notes, snail mail and hand written. Say thank you to the garbage collector, and the cashier at the grocery store. Make eye contact. Imagine you really are thankful, and the words will take on new meaning. Spend time enjoying nature. Take time with your pet. Appreciate how much your dog loves you. Volunteer your time, your information, your intelligence to one person who can't pay you back.

Give up having the last word. Imagine what's the worst that could happen. Take calculated risks. All things being equal you have a better chance gambling on a pool game, where you know your own level of skill, than buying a lottery ticket. Don't wait for the money to love. Be respectful and warm to people you meet. Give more than you get. I bet you can't do it. The more you give the more you get, the secret is, you can never out give the universe.

Remember your idea of everything effects everything. If you think people dislike you, you send off body signals and leave me alone vibes that shut all but the most nosy and annoying people. Conversely if you believe the world is a wonderful place, full of nice people to meet, you send out relaxed warm signals. People are attracted to beauty, and you appear more beautiful when you smile a genuine smile. Play upbeat music in your car. Keep fresh flowers in your house. Surround yourself with good smells. Don't douse yourself with cheap perfume. The smell of honest clean is frankly much more appealing. Lemon and citrus smells will boost your mood.

Take time to appreciate your mate. Say something specific that you enjoy. Make eye contact when you do it. Don't be afraid to do it in front of your kids. Kids love to see people love each other, and they sadly, don't get enough of that. Television is full of stupid dads, sassy kids, and wives full of the snarky one liner. One generation ago we got to see TV that still had a few whole shows. I know grown men who miss Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons. So set a new trend. Be loving, be kind, don't be coy with compliments, be authentic. Chances are after a month or two, even without you asking for it, your mate will start returning the compliments.

Take time to appreciate your kids. They are only small once, and for such a short time. Do things with them not for them. Enjoy baking together, walking in park, playing. Tell your kid you are going to run a race at the count of three, and take off as fast as you can at two. Scoop them up with love and giggles. You won't be sorry.