Positive reinforcement has said to work for kids of all ages. The reason being is that they tend to make their own decisions with their parents help. Kids do not like to be told what to do. That said, they usually tend to go against what their parents say just to make them mad. If they are suggested the right thing to do instead of demanded they will usually follow it. However, you have to be smart when using positive reinforcement. Most children respond well to positive reinforcement on the other hand, there are some kids who tend to take advantage of it. They will understand what you want but may not follow those same rules. If you see this trend start to happen then it is best that you take a different means of discipline for your child.

You can start using positive reinforcement at a very early age. For an example, if your baby starts to crawl over by your computer and pulls on the cords you can say "This is Mommy's toy. Sarah's toys are over here." You then can place her in front of her toys. This is extremely beneficial and works a lot better than saying "No!" When you tell a child "no" they will get the same idea and think that it is okay that they can say "no" to their parents.

You can continue positive reinforcement when your three year old child brings crackers onto the new sofa. Instead of saying that he is a bad kid you can let him know that crackers will make a mess and it is best to eat them on the table. Most likely he will agree and continue to walk to the table without any fuss.

Even school agers can understand positive reinforcement. If your child decides not to do their homework it is likely that you think it is a dumb move. Instead of telling your child those words, tell her that she is smart and she should make the best choice. Help her understand why it is important to do homework and how it helps young kids become smarter in school.

Positive reinforcement not only helps young kids but it also helps teenagers. When a teenager wants to try leave their room messy to hang out with their friends let them know that they are being irresponsible and the best choice would be cleaning their room first. Telling them that they will be punished may not help things and may cause your child to rebel against you.

Even if you had a long and stressful day at work, it is still important to come home in a positive mood for your kids. When talking to your kids about what should be done you should also make eye contact with them. Looking away may not tell them that you are serious about what you said. When using positive reinforcement with any child it is important to understand what the child wants to do, state what is the best choice for your child, point out ways they can change their habits and form new ones.