We have all gone through our childhoods unaware of the various people, events, communities and experiences that influence us as we grow into healthy adults. But have you ever wondered, what if I was being mentored by outstanding positive role models worthy and honorable of our mentorship? If your kids our really young don’t be discouraged, you could and should be in search of the positive figures that may mentor your child through every stage in life they are in and the good news is the sooner you take it upon yourself to understand the importance and benefits of finding your star, the better it will be for your success in whatever endeavor your children want to succeed in. Below I will outline some examples of how a role model has entered into someone’s life and changed their life for the better keep in mind I used the example of a mentor which is a solidified version a role model that actually takes a part in the activities your child want to excel in, but most of the time our children choose theirs indirectly and are only figures they see or read about on tv, sports, magazine, and comic books. I’ll highlight both the importance of getting to know your children’s idols and the awareness of some mentors that are available to children even into adulthood because there is always a opportunity to have a mentor and turn your kid around for the better. you might have already had some before and didn’t even know it, take a look.

Bob Bradley
Martial Arts Sifu
Schhol teacher
At risk youth mentor(120927)
Credit: http://as220.org

What qualifies the ideal role model?

It’s very hard to point out what qualifies a good role model, why? because the ideals and aspirations of every person that qualifies one to fit that role is different for everyone. Every one of us will have grown up in different areas, different communities with different likes and ideas of a higher self. That being the case, if Snoop Dog is your ideal role model because you grew up in an inner city struggle and want to rise into a better quality of living by entertaining others that is not a bad choice. If Pro skater Paul Rodriguez is your idea of a quality role model because you grew up spending lots of time skating dreaming of ways to use your great skills and skating abilities to get into the pro skaters market and rise up into making a living doing what you love to do than that too can be your ideal character for a role model, and finally if you're the person who overcame a disabling disease to only come out stronger and dedicate your life to improving your health and fitness than Lance Armstrong could be it for you. So lets keep an open mind in finding our ideal character that embodies all our definitions of triumph or altruism. Whatever the case, I’m sure that once you find yours you will be able to look into your future with a more positive outlook, excitement and courage for what comes next. The right person for this job is somebody who has the credibility of a achieving at a higher level, a high level of confidence of and self esteem. These are the qualities we want to highlight in our role models.  After we have found our star the next step is survey our own values and ideals, if the person you found pretty much has all or most of these in common then we’ve found your match.

Why are role models vital to our children's success

Most are lives whether we are aware of it or not, we grow up looking up to and idealizing a number of various role models, from the early stages we find children admiring comic book heroes like Batman, Spiderman and Ironman. Later into our teens new and more exciting figures replace the old with singers and songwriters with revolutionary ideas like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Nsync, Rihanna, Snoop Dog, and whatever artist is popular at the give moment. The problem is these pop culture icons are not always putting out their music and work intended to filter out any unacceptable or inappropriate words that may have a negative influence on our children. If we become more aware of what is the types of content and material our kids are listening to we can play a better role in encouraging or better yet, supporting better role models. The key here is understanding and taking a positive place in something that we can’t control because whether we like it or not our children are going to pick their idols and stars by their own terms. Kids who have a better understanding what makes a figure a positive person will in turn allow them to learn how pick and choose wisely and hopefully benefit from recognizing and on the success stories of their heroes.