What if you could become a more positive person and get rid of negative thoughts and a negative attitude? Would you want to change your life around for the better? It's easier than you think.

First, think about every word that is coming out of your mouth. Accept the principle that your words carry energy and the words you speak - in your own inner dialogue, in conversations with close friends, chats with colleagues and even quick encounters with strangers - all of these words have an energy. The words you say can work for you or work against you. You might have never thought about the words you use everyday but if you did - you might well find that negative words outnumber the positive words.

If you have ever spent 15 minutes or more in the company of a real whiner, you'll know how draining it can be to surrounded by negative words. You know the type of person who never has anything nice to say - a big complainer who talks down on everything from the weather, the economy, his/her aches and pains and how nothing is as good as the good ole days. Even if you were feeling positive and bright beforehand, you suddenly feel that some positive energy has been stripped away.

Dr Daniel Amen, in his brilliant book, Change Your Brain, Change Your Body: Use Your Brain to Get and Keep the Body You Have Always Wanted calls negative thoughts "ANTS" or Automatic Negative Thoughts.

Professor Masaru Emoto has been recognized around the world for his research into the energy of the spoken or written word as detailed in the book, The Hidden Messages in Water and several other books. Prof Emoto uses high-speed photography to show how crystals formed in frozen water change when certain thoughts or words are directed at them. If water is exposed to loving and peaceful words, they form colorful and complex snowflake patterns. If the water is exposed to negative thoughts, they either do not form properly or form dull colors and asymmetrical patterns. When you think that the human body is made up of at least 70 percent water, you can see the significance of watching the words that you use.

Also - you must realize that you have COMPLETE CONTROL over the words that you choose to speak. So if you want to start thinking in a more positive way, first you need to practice mindfulness or awareness. Remind yourself to swap positive words for your negative words. As Daniel Amen says - think of negative words as pollution. So if you catch yourself saying to your best friend "My husband NEVER listens to me" you can change it for "I know I get frustrated when my husband does not listen to me. But I know that he has listened to what I have to say in the past and he is sure to do so again in the future".

If a negative word does slip out, don't worry, just replace it with a postive word or phrase immediately afterwards. So if you immediately say something like "I can't do that because I'm too stupid", say straight away "Sometimes I do things that aren't so smart, but I'm not stupid - not at all".

It will take practice for sure, but it's not that difficult once you try it a few times. You might want to start by writing down your most common negative phrases such as "I'm lazy", "but I'm fat", "well I SHOULD try to lose weight", "I NEVER look good in any clothes" (i.e. should/never/always/oughts) and writing down some positive phrases that you can always use to replace them.

Another positive thinking technique is to do a quick reality check on your big negative pronouncements. For example you might say 'My husband never lifts a finger around the house" or "my boss hates everything I do" and stop to consider if that's true. Does your husband really ~ I mean REALLY ~ never, ever helps out in the house. And has your boss always critised every single little thing that you have done?

Another way to avoid negative thinkingis to stop giving yourself labels such as "I'm lazy", "I'm really fat", "I was born clumsy". These labels trap you in a negative frame of mind and serve no purpose whatsoever.

Another good way to become more positive is simply to avoid negative people. They will drag you down. Being with positive, energetic people can keep up your own positive energy levels.

These positive thinking techniques might take a little bit of practice but it's worth it ~ the results will change your life for the better. You will feel more energy, less stress and 'mind clutter' and go a long way towards getting the life that you've always wanted.