Purchasing a full breed dog can be very expensive. And trying to find a free full breed dog can be very arduous. I really wanted a full breed Husky Wolf, but didn't want to spend the money after finding out that a Husky Wolf would cost us Eight Hundred Dollars or more. I had heard about people willing stuff to themselves from the universe using positive thinking. I was skeptical, but decided to give it a try.

Things You Will Need

Positive thoughts and actions

Step 1


First you are going to want to speak as though your new full breed dog will be arriving soon. Speak about the dog as if it will be here this week. When other people are talking about their dogs reply to them with sentences beginning with, "When my dog gets here..." Remember to be a positive thinker at all times. Speak like you know that your dog is on it's way.

Step 2

Husky Wolf

Next assume your new full breed dog will be here tomorrow. Get ready for the dogs arrival. I bought dog toys and ordered free samples of puppy food online. Maybe even purchase a new dog food dish and/or a leash, if you like.

Step 3

Full Breed Dog

Give it a rest. Just wait, but never stop believing that your new full breed dog will be here soon. I did this. My co-workers thought I was silly, until I got a call a week later while I was at work. It was my husband telling me that the Dish Network guy just left. While he was there he saw our dog toys and ask what kind of dog we had. My husband explained to him that his wife was planning on getting a dog. The man offered my husband the opportunity to purchase one of his full breed Husky Wolf dogs. My husband declined explaining that we did not want to spend so much money on a dog purchase. To our greatest surprise, the Dish Network guy changed his offer and said that if we wanted one of his Full Breed Husky Wolf puppies we could have one. I guess he just had to many puppies. He told us that he had a total of 7 dogs, the mother dog was pregnant again and he just could not manage all those dogs and puppies. All we had to do was go pick up our brand new, free, 7 month old, full breed Husky Wolf puppy. Wow right? It is possible to get a free full breed dog with positive thinking.

Step 4

Mallo The Free Husky Wolf

Do not be negative or allow negative thinking to influence your or your actions. Keep a positive attitude, believe in yourself and you may very well have the positive outcome you have been hoping for.

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