I’m always looking for ways to help myself focus on the good in the world. In the hectic time of life(aren’t they all?) we sometimes get caught up thinking things that don’t help at all. Over the years I’ve worked on a number of different ways to encourage more positive thoughts for life. I want them to stick with me. Even during the times when I’m struggling most. These can be very personal or broad enough to help anyone and everyone.

As you read through them consider your own life. Would thinking this more often make you a better, more motivated and more happy person. If so then remember it. If not, is there a similar thought that you can use as one of your positive thoughts for life?

1. Tomorrow is not today

What happened in the past is over. Every single moment you get a new chance to change your life. No matter how many times something gets delayed, it never means it’s not going to happen. Mistakes I made before I never have to make again. I can grow and change and adapt to the world no matter what happens.

2. No such thing as failure

What most people call failure is just a lesson. It’s a distinction that helps guide us into the future. This lesson gives more information than any success could. There is always another chance, another person, or another place. Next time around I just get to be more prepared.

3. The difference between average and amazing is action

Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t born doing the amazing. He worked day in and day out for years to gain that opportunity. Anyone can gain that privilege by working day in and day out. It’s not supposed to be easy. That’s what makes the journey even better.

4. People care about people

People get joy from helping other people. Things may happen in life that are beyond my control but there will be people to help me. Until then it’s my responsibility to do the same for others. I also happen to be a human. That means I even get to enjoy the process.

5. Life is a priveledge

It’s easy to forget this sometimes. Whether you believe in god or destiny or evolution, not everything has the ability to do what we do. Alone, the ability to question your own existence is amazing. We are all lucky just to be alive.

6. The best pleasures in life are usually free

For some it’s a walk in nature. For others it’s a quiet day in reading. For others it’s great holiday meal with the family. Some people get the most pleasure after a hard workout. Maybe from their favorite song on the radio. A night out with friends can be great. Love is on the top of my list.  

I hope these positive thoughts for life help you in your journey. What are your positive thoughts?
It’s fun to figure them out. Try it out for yourself.