People are reminded daily that they need to accumulate a whole lot of products in order to be defined as a success in the world. If you believe the advertising that we see on television then you will believe that there is a need to accumulate a giant home and two cars before you can call yourself a successful person. However all people will eventually come to the realization at some point in their life that what you own does not define who you are. Your actions define who are.

There is a choice that each of us makes each and every day, between fear and love. The fear that we might fail or that someone will reject us or love that our passion for things will bring us.  This choice will dictate your actions each moment of the day from whether you participate in an activity or volunteer at a soup kitchen. This basic choice is one of the most significant factors that will define who you are. Not one possession in the world will make this choice for you.

Some people believe that owning a big home will make them appear greater than others. All a bigger home means is that you spent more money than you would have for a smaller home. The reason is that a larger home is not going to make you a better person is because it just provides more space for more stuff. The peculiar thing about possessions is that after awhile they seem to mean so much that they own you and not the other way around. Expensive things get stolen and if they define who you are then what happens if you lose them?

It is the magic of marketing propaganda that controls the buying urges in the United States. All people watch television or are on the internet and the messages we receive are designed to tie our self esteem with the products that we use. If you are feeling down then buy a new car and you will feel better. This feeling will last for a little while but the sadness or unhappiness will return if the underlying issue isn’t addressed.

Our love affair with possessions can’t all be blamed on the media though. If you are hungry and cold and have nowhere to stay, if someone provides you with these simple things then you are going to feel better about your situation. The lie that we believe about stuff is that if a simple meal and a warm place can make us that happy, imagine how happy a whole lot of stuff will make us? Unfortunately there is not a real ratio that exists between the number of possessions and the value we have as a human being. That is defined by our thoughts and our actions each day.