Knowing the signs of a possible hydrocodone addiction are not much different than a lot of painkiller addictions, or addiction in general. I have made a short check list of some of the stuff that I have experienced in my life. Maybe some of these things will be familiar in your life or the life of someone you know; it could be the start of a hydrocodone addiction.

Taking the drug differently than as prescribed by your medical doctor or family physician can be one problem. There are a certain ways to take hydrocodone pain medication for it to be effective to treat pain, using it for anything other than pain could be a sign of addiction. Taking hydrocodone for sleep, to get a buzz, for relaxing, to calm the nerves, taking it with alcohol or another drug, and taking hydrocodone more frequently than your doctor has written on the bottle is all the signs of a possible problem. If you are running out of pills long before your next prescription, than you may want to tell your physician of this so he can monitor pain medication better.

Doctor shopping is a sure fire sign of a possible problem when it comes to having hydrocodone prescribed. Not only is it a possible sign of drug addiction, it could land you in jail for a very long time. If you are arrested for doctor shopping then you may never be able to get hydrocodone prescribed again. This can be a big problem if you are taking the pain medication for a legitimate pain.
If you feel sick often for long lengths of time then you may be going through hydrocodone addiction withdrawal. This can make someone very irritable and lash out on people very close to you. Withdrawal can make you sick for many days and if you must come off of hydrocodone, then it is best to do under the care of a physician or a doctor.

Hydrocodone addiction can be a very serious problem. If you feel you may be addicted to hydrocodone then please make sure to consult a doctor. Hydrocodone contains acetaminophen (aspirin), and over use can lead to severe liver damage in the future. A doctor can best advise proper hydrocodone addiction detox. Then later after the drug is removed from the system, then you can think about drug addiction recovery. There are many treatment facilities available that can be visited around your schedule. A 28 in patient treatment may be the best route, but outpatient treatment is also available. 12 step recovery meetings are also a great way to face a problem with addiction once released from treatment. This way you can have a form of personal treatment when released into the real world.Check out Narcotics Anonymous for more information about addiction recovery!