If your home is like most, everything seems to revolve around the kitchen, whether it’s cooking meals, kids doing homework or just sitting around talking. And with all this centralized traffic, one of the most used items is the kitchen garbage can. Sure it just sits in the corner or over by the wall but that garbage can gets used all day everyday especially in a house with a large family. With all the different types of kitchen garbage cans available it seems as though no two homes have the same one and everyone seems to have their favorite style and material whether it’s wood, plastic or stainless steel. But like everything now days people are starting to look for higher quality products at reasonable prices or in this case the perfect trash can at a great price, one that is not only durable and easy to clean but that also functions well plus looks good in your kitchen. This may seem like a tall order but there is one trash can that fits all these requirements.

What is the Best Kitchen Garbage Can?

The Oxo Good Grips Steel Rectangular Trash Can is one of if not the best trash can money can buy. This retro looking10 gallon steel trash can covers all the previously mentioned requirements it looks great and comes in five different finishes red 1066429, white 1060578, black 1066522, brushed stainless steel 1060577 or polished stainless steel 1060576. It has a deep lid that hides the trash bag from view and is designed with a bag lock that keep the bag tight around the removable inner plastic liner keeping the bag from falling into the bottom of the can. The inner liner also has handle grips and is tapered for easy bag removal; now there’s no more awkward trash can fight trying to remove a heavy overfilled bag. This feature alone makes this can worth buying. Plus having the removable liner also makes cleaning much easier.

simplehuman Wide-Step Rectangular Step Trash Can, Stainless Steel, 38 L / 10 Gal
Amazon Price: $139.99 $134.99 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 22, 2016)

As far as functioning well this garbage can has a hands free foot pedal operated lid. It’s easily accessible wide foot pedal smoothly and silently controls the lid. When the pedal is pressed the lid will open to a full 90° and stay that way until the pedal is released. If necessary you can lock the lid open until you decide to shut it.

And the last thing that makes this the best garbage can is the rectangular shape that allows it to sit up close to walls and cabinets giving your kitchen a cleaner look than round or oval cans that don’t fit snug against things

Where to Buy Your Garbage Can

If you would like more information or to purchase the Oxo Good Grips Steel Rectangular Trash Can you can visit Amazon.com where you can also get prices and read other customer reviews. And if you choose to buy this product through them it does qualify for free shipping which is just one more reason to love this kitchen garbage can.