It's so great to be physically fit. So many people dream about it, work a lot on it, and put tremendous efforts to gain it. And not just to gain it, but to keep the result for as long as possible.
The matter of physical fitness is of current importance for millions (that's right, millions) of people all around the world. And it's only but laudable from all sides and points of view. Physical fitness opens so many doors in front of you. Something that used to be almost unreachable becomes at arm's length.

Conditionally we can divide all people into three groups based on fitness condition: a group of physically fit people, a group of physically unfit people, and a 'transition group' of those who are on their way of joining the first or the second one.

Popularization of fitness and all what's connected with it is at extremely high level today. Even a child knows that being fit is much more interesting and funny. In spite of this fact a certain per cent of people from the first group do not totally realize what kind of treasure they have and mistakenly think that they will be and feel this way for the rest of their lives. This mistake could cost a very high price. With such opinion they can easily pass into 'transition group', and then finally join the group of physically unfit people with minimum chance to go back.

Let's apply for 'the Great Statistics'. It says that over 50 per cent of people who get in hospital with heart attacks or similar problems have never complained about heart pains. Some of them didn't even know where the heart is (believe it or not). This refers not only to aged people, but to middle-aged and youth as well. Young people think they will never grow old or just don't want to 'waste' their best years of life for taking care about their health (at the moment we are not talking about those boys and girls that smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs - it's a far different topic), middle-aged in their turn think that if they didn't have much health troubles before they won't have them in future.

For older generation it only remains to 'reap the fruits' of such irresponsibility. One simple examples of such irresponsible attitude to the health condition is complete ignorance of physical exercises. Rainy weather is not a reason to skip jogging. You can do it at home. Buy yourself a treadmill. It definitely costs less than your health.

Of course there is a certain percent of people who have so 'healthy and strong' genes that will keep them healthy and provide good feeling for the entire life. But how can you know for sure that you belong to this group even if you had a robust grandfather? None of the scientists will make you sure about this.

So, don't make such a mistake; take care of you health even if it doesn't bother you. It's priceless.