Your bundle of joy has arrived and your body has changed once again. What you need from your clothes as well as your lingerie has evolved into something beyond regular support…As you resume your daily activities, especially going back to work, you will realize that regular clothes or even maternity wear make your life more complicated than it needs to be. You actually need it to be designed to your specific postpartum needs; such as nursing bras, nursing shirts and dresses, even nursing shape wear! For those who are not sure where to start and what nursing wear exists in the world, I have compiled a list of readily available items that can make your life a whole lot easier…

  1. The Nursing Bra: This is an absolute necessity. If you’re only going to buy one thing buy a maternity/nursing bra that offers the best support. Because it doesn’t matter how beautiful your outfit is if your bra doesn’t fit. If you find the perfect bra buy multiple because they can be hard to find. Make sure to try the bra on under a t-shirt before you buy it to make sure the clips don’t stick out. The primary goal here is comfort and ease-of-nursing!
  2. The Nursing Blouse: Buy a few feminine and flirty blouses for days when you feeling the opposite and need a boost of confidence. Make sure they either have easy access for nursing or a concealed zip or flap. You can easily avoid mishaps this way.
  3. The Nursing Shirt: For those returning to work, managing the work-life balance is stressful enough without having to deal with nursing wardrobe annoyances. Invest in blouses made especially for nursing mothers, which have magical zippers (discretely placed) which make life incredibly simpler.
  4. The Postpartum Slip: Since very few dresses are lined and therefore not forgiving to the pregnant or postpartum body a maternity slip can be very helpful, especially when you’re not ready to squeeze into shapewear just yet. Buy them tagless and seamless to avoid extra bumps. The best slips have a weighted bottom to prevent them from riding up. To ensure that the slip lasts make sure that the traps are adjustable.
  5. The Postpartum Dress: Spice up your postpartum wardrobe with at least one dress. Especially with your postpartum body it is important to buy a dress or a cut that flatters your midsection. Details like ruching (gathers), a non-fitted feminine skirt compliment your waist. Use shapewear for a little smoothening. And wrap dresses also do well for nursing as well as flattering your shape.
  6. Postpartum Nursing Shapewear: Don’t worry you’ll be back to you pre-pregnancy body in time. Meanwhile pull on some shapewear for a smoother fit and to hide troublesome spots. Postpartum shapewear can be comfortable as well as compressing. Look for a breathable, thick knit with a thick band at the bottom to prevent it from rolling up as you move around. Nursing access should also be a priority. It’s hard enough to put on and take off twice a day, no one wants to endure it more often.
  7. Nightwear: There are some items you buy when pregnant that, if chosen with care, can last you months or years after you’ve given birth, no matter how much weight you lose. Pajamas fall in that category. You spend 35% of your day in nightwear! The most amount of time in an item of clothing after lingerie. You have to be comfortable in them for one. Two, if you invest in a pretty and comfy pair they can last you ages. For the time you’re nursing it also makes sense to buy a nursing nightie that allows you convenient access to lift and feed. The perfect nursing gown is one that has reinforced with strong elastic at the waist so that there is no need to wear a nursing bra underneath. A microfiber fabric is also recommended over cotton so that it can keep you dry through a night of leaking breastmilk.