Prospective students that are looking for post secondary education options but also want to live in a lovely, small town in a beautiful part of the country should think about Roseville in Northern California. Roseville has many great area attractions to offer, and institutions of higher education are not the least of these. When the individuals or couples are thinking to look at Roseville real estate, they will be pleased to see the wealth of nearby educational opportunities.

The Colleges Found in Roseville
There are four professional schools and private colleges found within the city limits of Roseville. While none of these offer advanced degrees, they do offer post secondary educational choices. The Heald College of Roseville has just over a thousand full time students enrolled and studying here. They are a private college that offers a variety of programs and degrees. Besides this, there are three professional schools found right within the town of Roseville. These are the Healing Arts Institute, the Jerry Lee Beauty College, and the California Motel Training School.

arne jacobsen, st. catherine's college, oxford 11Colleges and Universities Found Near Roseville
There are also an impressive seven other nearby institutions of higher learning that are available for both current and future residents of Roseville to take advantage of in planning their post secondary education. The closest one is Sierra College. This private college is only five miles away from Roseville in nearby Rocklin. It boasts a full time enrollment of more than 9,300 students.

The second closest out of town choice for residents of Roseville is the American River College. Another private college, it is located in nearby Sacramento. The full time enrollment at this institution is about 14,000 students.

An impressive state school is also found close to Roseville. This is the California State University in Sacramento Branch, located a mere sixteen miles commute from the charming small town. The Sacramento campus has over 21,000 students these days.

For those who are interested in attending a business school for their post secondary educational opportunity, nearby Sacramento presents the Charles A Jones Skills and Business Ed Center. This school is found 19 miles away from Roseville. The present day full time enrollment is over 2,700 students.

Another choice of learning center that is only twenty miles away is the Sacramento City College. This private college offers a range of degrees and programs. They boast more than 10,700 students these days.

Just outside the twenty mile radius of Roseville is the Cosumnes River College. This is a private school as well. With more than 8,000 students in full time enrollment, it also has the size and scale to offer a good variety of choices for post secondary education.

Last in the Roseville close by line up of institutions of higher learning is the University of California in Davis Branch. This campus is a little bit farther away from Roseville at 28 miles distance, but it is still a reasonable commute for most college students. With a large enrollment of nearly 25,000 full time students, the University of California provides advanced degrees in PhD and Masters programs covering a broad spectrum of study. Their breadth of undergraduate degrees will be sufficient to impress even the most demanding college student. It is a certainty that a potential student will find the choices of schools, programs, and degrees that he or she is looking for at the University of California in Davis.

Roseville Real Estate
Now, college students who are pursuing their post secondary educational opportunities will need a place to live. This is where a qualified and recommended Roseville real estate agent will come in handy. Finding high quality, desirable, and affordable Roseville homes for sale is not hard if a person or family has the right professional searching on their behalf. There are townhouses for sale and rent in Roseville. There are condominiums that can be purchased. There are a wide variety of single family homes that are also available at better prices since the housing crash started back in 2006-2007. Whatever the person is seeking, he or she is sure to find it in Roseville.