Using Post cereal coupons can mean big savings on your groceries. During a recession it is important to save all the money you can on your food. And a good way to do this is to use Post cereal coupons the next time that you go to the grocery store. The good news is that these coupons are found in a couple of places. And if used properly, you can maximize your savings the next time that you use Post cereal coupons.

Look for Post Cereal coupons in your Sunday paper.
There are usually savings for cereal in almost every Sunday paper. But specifically, every few months you will find Post cereal coupons there. The savings vary. Commonly you may find Post cereal coupons for $1 off of two boxes of cereal. Or occasionally you may even get higher value Post Cereal coupons such as $1 off of one box. There may even be more than one coupon in the insert.

Also, find Post cereal coupons on the internet.
Check out You will find a lot on this site. Currently, there are games, recipes, and product information - just to name a few of the features. You may also find Post cereal coupons here.
Offers on Post's website change often. So you may want to check the site frequently to see if any Post cereal coupons have been listed.

When there are savings on the site they seem to be of a higher dollar value than the Post cereal coupons in the paper. There have coupons for over $2 off of one box of cereal. Also, the Post cereal coupons on the website tend to be for new products that the company is promoting.

Learn to maximize your savings when you use Post cereal coupons.
Any amount of money that you keep in your pocket instead of spending on your groceries is good. However, there are ways to use Post cereal coupons that will save you the most money possible. Actually, this method will work with any type of coupons. Use Post cereal coupons in combination with a sale.

This is a practice that serious coupon users have been using for years. And the savings add up dramatically when you use Post cereal coupons this way. This does require a bit of planning, such as checking out the circulars of your local grocery stores. But the savings you will achieve this way with Post cereal coupons is well worth it.